It is the time of the year.

Well, it is the time of the year again. Students started applying summer internships and getting ready for millions of interviews.

Do not think a Liberal Arts education will stop you from heading looking for a job. The education that Wabash provides has built students strong communication, critical thinking, and strategical planning skills. Moreover, with the help from our loyal alumni, Wabash students will always find a "bridge" that connects them to the real working field. Regardless of your major, the precious knowledge and comprehensive background students gained at Wabash will apply for numerous areas. Last year, one of my fraternity brothers successfully got a job in an investment bank on Wall Street, and he was a history major. 

The same applies for us international student. Each year, international students are strongly encouraged to apply for internships in U.S and in their mother countries. Wabash offers numerous funds that stipend students doing unpaid internships. These are great opportunities that everyone can have at Wabash.

Of course, Wabash has excellent outcomes again this year. international students got into graduate schools including Tufts, UChicago, Utexas-Austin. Seniors also got jobs in Goldman Sachs and FBR Capital Markets.

In such a challenging economy environment, Wabash Wallies still perform well in the job market. This is the value that a liberal arts college can provide: knowledge and networking.

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