One Talk Opens Future Possibilities.

Wherever I go, there are always Wabash connections to help me achieve career goal.

During my winter break, I visited New York City, where I met a friend of Wabash College – Mr. Jay Vix, working in marketing area. The talk with Mr. Vix opened my eyes of marketing in the world’s media business center and the fun one can get from working in advertising and marketing industry.

We met in a coffee shop on Madison Avenue, where advertising legends happened several decades ago. I was very surprised by Mr. Vix, the marketing director of Brainfuse that he looked such a casual man compared to other businessmen who dressed formally. He explained that the advertising industry nowadays is so much different from that two decades ago. People are no longer dressing in suit and tie like those advertisers in Mad Man. The working atmosphere in agencies is more casual now. Then he talked about his working experience in New York City as a marketing director and the challenges he had in the past years. From his stories, I realized the fun and competitiveness in marketing industry as well as a variety of skills one has to develop in order to perform well in this industry.

Then, I showed some of my creative artwork to him and he was pretty impressed.

He connected me to one advertising agency and recommended me as a summer intern in New York City.

This all happened in a week. When I told the career services that I was making a trip to New York City, Scott and Betsy immediately found connections in the city and helped me to get to know industry through talking to them. Networking is one of the most important lessons I learned at Wabash and Wabash College is very good at it because of its loyal alumni and friends.

Thanks to Wabash College, and thanks to numerous alumni inspired and helped me to pursue my dream. I am more convinced of my choice of college. Wabash, locating in the middle of a small town, opened countless possibilities for my life.

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