It is the time of the year.

Well, it is the time of the year again. Students started applying summer internships and getting ready for millions of interviews.

Do not think a Liberal Arts education will stop you from heading looking for a job. The education that Wabash provides has built students strong communication, critical thinking, and strategical planning skills. Moreover, with the help from our loyal alumni, Wabash students will always find a "bridge" that connects them to the real working field. Regardless of your major, the precious knowledge and comprehensive background students gained at Wabash will apply for numerous areas. Last year, one of my fraternity brothers successfully got a job in an investment bank on Wall Street, and he was a history major. 

The same applies for us international student. Each year, international students are strongly encouraged to apply for internships in U.S and in their mother countries. Wabash offers numerous funds that stipend students doing unpaid internships. These are great opportunities that everyone can have at Wabash.

Of course, Wabash has excellent outcomes again this year. international students got into graduate schools including Tufts, UChicago, Utexas-Austin. Seniors also got jobs in Goldman Sachs and FBR Capital Markets.

In such a challenging economy environment, Wabash Wallies still perform well in the job market. This is the value that a liberal arts college can provide: knowledge and networking.

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One Talk Opens Future Possibilities.

Wherever I go, there are always Wabash connections to help me achieve career goal.

During my winter break, I visited New York City, where I met a friend of Wabash College – Mr. Jay Vix, working in marketing area. The talk with Mr. Vix opened my eyes of marketing in the world’s media business center and the fun one can get from working in advertising and marketing industry.

We met in a coffee shop on Madison Avenue, where advertising legends happened several decades ago. I was very surprised by Mr. Vix, the marketing director of Brainfuse that he looked such a casual man compared to other businessmen who dressed formally. He explained that the advertising industry nowadays is so much different from that two decades ago. People are no longer dressing in suit and tie like those advertisers in Mad Man. The working atmosphere in agencies is more casual now. Then he talked about his working experience in New York City as a marketing director and the challenges he had in the past years. From his stories, I realized the fun and competitiveness in marketing industry as well as a variety of skills one has to develop in order to perform well in this industry.

Then, I showed some of my creative artwork to him and he was pretty impressed.

He connected me to one advertising agency and recommended me as a summer intern in New York City.

This all happened in a week. When I told the career services that I was making a trip to New York City, Scott and Betsy immediately found connections in the city and helped me to get to know industry through talking to them. Networking is one of the most important lessons I learned at Wabash and Wabash College is very good at it because of its loyal alumni and friends.

Thanks to Wabash College, and thanks to numerous alumni inspired and helped me to pursue my dream. I am more convinced of my choice of college. Wabash, locating in the middle of a small town, opened countless possibilities for my life.

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My Wabash Days


       It was the first time that I stepped foot on the tiny, beautiful campus with nice red-brick building and green grass-field running along the way. My first impression was strongly positive and all I had in mind was the fact that this would be where I belong to in the next 4 years of my life.

      The international orientation lasted about 4 or 5 days. I had to go through a variety of processes like taking ID photo, setting up bank account, befriending all international students and most significantly, exploring Crawfordsville and Wabash as a new comer. For the whole morning, I and Tiaren- one of my new chinese mate- explored the Lily library, Allen center and the fine art center. We went down the media center which is right under the basement and met some staff members there. I was surprised and filled with a sense of warmth by how both I and Tiaren were welcomed by them, given that we were here for 2 days and those were the very first people we met on campus. My feeling at that time was that Wabash had a fantastic campus where people say "hi" to strangers and students are always willing to help one another. I couldn’t ever forget how Mr Clapp and Saidel greeted me from the airport and how Krist, Long Cao and some people whose name I have yet to remember enthusiastically helped me to unpack and bring stuffs to my dorm room. Yes! My first impression about Wabash was nothing more than positive. During the orientation, we visited various places like the Canal and historical museum in Indianapolis, had lunch at an Indian and Mexican restaurant, and went shopping at Castleton square mall and so on. Everything was extremely fun after all. The international orientation lasted for 5 days before freshmen Saturday. I had a lot of unforgettable memories during those days.

        It’s undeniable that academic at Wabash is tough. It took me time to adjust to a new stimulating learning environment where roundtable discussion-based lecture is popular and where we students struggle and work hard all day long to finish our papers and project. I still vividly remembered someone told me in a jovial manner “ Wabash always writes, Wabash never sleeps”. Although I have certain difficulties dealing with homework and exams initially, I find my special interest and affection in all of the classes that I’m taking this semester. I have had great time working with Photoshop, Flash, making those silently still object turn into vivid and lively animations thanks to my computer-based art class instructed by professor Wilkins. I know how to create a website with various elements. I’m currently working on my net art project which I can freely express my perspective of the world and bring it to the global internet. Isn’t it great?

      Speaking of social life, honestly I didn’t expect it to be interesting before I came here. “Is it really a joke that you are going to an all-male school?” I keep questioning myself. But all of my doubt was completely dispelled when I found myself immersed in a variety of traditional, meaningful and exciting activities. I was involved in the homecoming day as a photographer. I also helped to paint the bench and had fun sleeping outdoor under the cold weather with frozen dew. I participated in the presentation of Vietnamese moon cake festival for the Asian Society. I’m currently a tenor singer for Glee club, which gives me a refreshing opportunity to perform in many concerts and traditional events. My life is now in balance and I don’t feel frustrated about a no-girl environment as before since there’s always a bunch of thing available out there for me to do.

      Although I have been here for only 3 months, Wabash does teach me something “you should never cease to make the best out of everything. Stop complaining and do your best if you want to achieve everything”

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Trip to Wabash

By Hung Manh Duong, Class of 2013   

     I finally got down of the airplane. After 20 hours of sitting, scanning TV shows, and jet lag, Frankfurt international airport in Germany seemed like a release to me. It was below zero when I walked out of the airplane. I immediately scorned myself for wearing only a T-shirt. Well, another note to myself.

     Learn how to use the Internet public booth for the first time. It might seem silly to some people but to me, it really is something fascinating. While my parents were busy picking out free-tax souvenirs from the airport, I figured out the way to call home. Talked to my brother for a while. It was such a pity he couldn’t go with us. Maybe next time then when I am a sophomore.

       Get on the plane again to go to Chicago after 12 hours waiting in the huge cold lounge. The checking at the transiting airport was so complicated. I was half- dead by the time I sat down on the airplane. A deep sleep soon came after that. I was dreaming about Hanoi again. It was the second time in one day.

      The time in Chicago was great. I visited some famous pots like the Shedd Aquarium, the big museum.  My parents and I got to see the most beautiful beluga dance ever. After lunch at the Inn, we walked along Michigan Lake every afternoon during our 4 days there. It was called a lake but it looked like a mini beach to me with the sand trailing along the shore and people swimming and sunbathing.  I love the sunlight here. It is not harsh but comfortable. The nightlife in Chicago was very much enjoyable. Took a horse-drive around the town. Learn many things about it while my dad was taking as many photos as he could (laugh).

     Finally it came the day to leave Chicago. It was only a 1-hour flight to Indianapolis so it didn’t seem so long. The first person to greet me was Mr. David Clapp- the director of international student. My first impression of him was a friendly old man. He greeted my parents cheerfully. I met another two international students there: Dawit- a guy from Ethiopia and Long Cao- a Vietnamese junior. We shook hands and chat for while. Then they helped me carrying my suitcases to the van. A part of me kept on saying:” This is it. I am finally here! At Wabash!” That sentence kept paying over and over in my head for the whole way from the airport to Crawfordsville.

     Crawfordsville turned out to be a small town, not really up to my expectance. The downtown was small, too.  Most of the things I saw were cornfields and little antique shops. Still, tit gave me a homey feeling. I have never seen the sky so big and blue before…

     Arrived at the Beta house, the place I signed up when I first came here. All the guys were friendly and welcoming. Said goodbye to my parents was the hardest part. It just seemed hard to part but it was the needed thing to do. I watched as the car moved away with my parents in it. I knew dad was sighing again and mom probably cried. But this is the road I chose and I have to stick with it. I tuned to the house and walked in. Yeah, this probably summed up my first few days in US. And I believe there might be more to come.

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Some International Voices

Yangnan Liu (2012), from Chengdu China 

Ni Hao (means “Hello” in Chinese) everyone,

Welcome to the brand new international students’ blog!

My name is Paul Liu, a Chinese sophomore living in FIJI fraternity

It’s really exciting to have a space for us international students to share our unique Wabash experience and I am very honored to post the first entry.

I am personally a big blogger and I have been keeping reading Wabash’s blog since my college application. Wabash’s student blog serves as a bridge between its students and people off campus, especially prospective students abroad who seldom have a chance to pay a visit to campus and experience Wabash’s unique atmosphere. Among numerous colleges I applied, Wabash is the only one whose bloggers keep fresh updates and tell the actual daily lives of its current students, athletes, courses and even alumni. I learned tons of Wabash stories and traditions before coming here just by reading thoese blogs. All those articles introduced this friendly, unique and brotherly all-male community. It’s absolutely amazing and helpful to know the school very well before coming and that’s one of the reasons that I decided to choose Wabash. I had already felt myself a part of this community and knew that’s where I want to spend the next 4 years. No other schools generously shared their students’ daily lives and I am very glad that today, as a sophomore with one year unique experience at this college, launching this new space, for us international students writing and collecting our own daily stories. These stories at Wabash, from an international perspective, will surely help more international prospective students get to know about Wabash College as well as share the different campus stories with all of outsiders.



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