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Supreme Court and Capitol Hill

Ryan Monroe-   Well, the group started off our day with what was by far the most enjoyable and informative metro ride thus far thanks to one metro conductor who truly loved his job. His pleasant announcements were just what the group needed to kick start our second day on Capitol Hill and the surrounding areas.


Prior to returning to the Hill, we ventured to the Supreme Court Building where we first looked at a number of historical exhibits located in the basement. These projects chronicled the Court's history, as well as, some of its most significant rulings and justices. Everyone was impressed by the massive bronze statue of Chief Justice John Marshall, and several groups members paused for pictures with their very own judicial hero. After a short pit stop at the snack bar to refuel, we began a tour of the actual Court itself, which included a description of its architecture, seating arrangement, and hearing schedule.


We then left the Supreme Court Building and made our way to the Library of Congress, which was arguably one of the most beautifully designed buildings in all of Washington D.C. While admiring the myriad historical artifacts situated on the Library’s second level, the group was happy to locate an original copy of Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, which many members had read in their studies of American politics. After a brief period of independent exploration, the group reunited for a very in-depth tour of the Library, which primarily focused on the building’s architecture, as well as, its contents…you guessed it…books. Nevertheless, the tour turned out to be quite interesting and ended just in the knick of time so that we would not be late for our 2:30 appointment in Indiana House Rep. Dan Burton’s (R) office.


Upon returning to the Hill, we made our way through the plethora of security checkpoints and eventually arrived at Congressmen Burton’s office. Once there, the group was greeted by two Wabash alumni, Legislative Assistant Jon Dilley ’03 and Chief of Staff Mark Walker ’88, who were able to provide us with keen insight into Congressional-Presidential relations, in addition to, the nuts and bolts of constituent representation and budget appropriations. Aside from politics, I was personally taken aback by the very homey atmosphere of Representative Burton’s office, which was arranged in such a way as to purvey a sense of comfort and intimacy through mimicking a home’s family room.


After our enjoyable visit with Jon Dilley and Mark Walker, the group returned back to Doubletree Suites drawing our shortest day thus far to a close.  As for evening plans, the general consensus seems to be a night out in Georgetown to see the sights and meet up with friends living in the area. With that, I leave you…Good night to all and Wabash Always Fights!


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