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Preparation and Flight

Justin Liedel- Our class spent Friday afternoon discussing preparations for our departure to the Capitol Saturday morning. Everyone seemed extremely excited that we were leaving tomorrow - either that or we pretended to be so Dr. Hadley didn't change the discussion to our reading over The President's Agenda.

Our class met Dr. and Mrs. Hadley at the Chapel steps early this morning. Well, most of us were there early, as this picture of Dr. Hadley waiting for the latecomers shows.

After an early arrival and uneventful flight to Washington DC, the plans for the day were to spend a few hours settling into our hotel, The Doubletree Suites and then meet for dinner at The Thai Place. 

One highlight of the trip occurred while walking down H Street and a man walking past exclaimed, "Cavemen!" It turned out he was a Wabash alumnus from 1971. I found this especially cool because he was a Sigma Chi, and greeted me when he saw my shirt with our letters on it.


After an early morning and long day of flying, we decided to spend the night socializing in one of the suites after going down to the Watergate and exploring a bit. We were visited in the Doubletree by another alum, John Serak '05. The plans for tomorrow include a tour of Washington on our own and stops at the various Smithsonian Institutions. Stay tuned to this blog for daily updates, including events such as a Congressional hearing, a meeting with and Undersecretary of State, meetings with the authors of our textbooks, and a mixer with Washington-area Wabash alumni on Friday night.

To view more pictures from the last two days, make sure to check out our photo album.