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Portland Area Alums Gather for Release Party

Howard W. Hewitt - Portland area alums gathered Tuesday night at the suburban home of Bob and Sandy Chamness to celebrate the release of Wabash Magazine's Great Northwest issue.

Tuesday's reception was the second straight night Wabash men gathered to celebrate each others' accomplishments and share an evening of conversation about their alma mater. See photos from Tuesday's reception here.

The celebration was typical Wabash with stories, memories, and days of brotherhood fondly remembered. And much like the previous night in Seattle, the discussion knew no boundries. The diverse group ranged from Brad Hoehn and Ian Bisbee, both Class of 2007, to Larry Faller, who represented the Golden Little Giants of 1958 with his presence.

I gave a brief update on activites at the College and answered a few questions throughout the evening.

We had a parent of a current student, La Donna Casey — mother of Drew Casey '12 and a total of 18 for the gathering.

An interesting side note to my day in Portland: I was standing at the registration desk of my downtown hotel this afternoon when I heard "Howard!" I turned and standing right beside me was Todd Vogel '04. Neither of us knew the other was in town, not to mention the exact same hotel.

It turns out Todd was with his parents vacationing. They had done wine country earlier this week with a ski trip to Mt. Hood and a drive up the Columbia River Gorge to Walla Walla, Washington planned for later in the week. I explained why I was in town and Todd promptly asked if he and his father, Gordon '72, could go along.

They joined me for the drive up to the Chamness home and met up with old friends, as well as fellow Mt. Vernon native Dan Schenk '95.

It's really a small world — at times a small Wabash world when you bump into an old friend, a Wabash grad, and his father some 2,200 miles from Crawfordsville.