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Odds-n-Ends from the Great Northwest

Portland International Airport - There are always interesting little tidbits that don't make the blogs. That gives me a chance to post another time or two at the end of, or maybe even after, the trip.

Odds and Ends:

 - I actually have one other post I want to do after this one but it will probably be Monday. After the Tuesday night Portland reception I spent two days in Oregon's wine country on my own time and dime. But I did manage to do a little "work" yesterday morning. (Hold the laughter down!)

Wabash Magazine has a round-about connection to Lange Winery. Lange is one of the premier boutique style wineries in the Dundee HIlls' area of the famous Willamette Valley. Jesse Lange was very kind with his time and knowledge Thursday.

Brian Doyle, who wrote "A Man's Life" for this issue of Wabash Magazine wrote a book just a few years back on Lange. I talked with Jesse about that experience. I hope to have that one up early next week.

- Monday night in Seattle I learned a couple of interesting tidbits from two alums.

Greg Fulmer '05 is studying chemistry at the University of Washington. He is returning to campus, sponsored by the Chem Club, April 23rd to give a presentation on his research!

Second, I was so impressed with Bob Witherspoon  '65 when I met him last summer. He lives and breathes the liberal arts. He just cut his hours back at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center last Thursday. He told me in July he wanted to resume music lessons for the French Horn. He plays in a local orchestra.

So, I asked Bob if he had done so and he said "yes, I'm taking cello lessons." That's something new for Bob and not the least bit surprising.

- Running into Todd Vogel at my downtown Portland hotel was easily the craziest moment. We went to a local coffee shop and caught up. Todd and his father Gordon rode up the hill to Bob Chamness' home for the reception. Both were very grateful for the really funny coincidence.

- Wabash College is indeed known pretty far and wide. During my time in wine country people would ask where I was from or where I worked. Many had certainly heard of Wabash.

- At Lemelson Winery near Carlton, Oregon, I was chatting with other wine tourists and talking about Wabash and noticed the very nice woman behind the tasting counter had something of a smirk. When the other tasters left she explained she was from New York but was very familiar with Indiana. She attended Earlham College.

 - I'll end with words similar to what I used two years ago when I went back to California for the magazine release on our first trip. I was taken, again, by the reaction of the alums at both receptions. They just had a great time. They were thrilled to meet Wabash men they had not known. They appreciated hearing news from the College. And most of all, they were grateful for someone coming to see them! That's not easy in these tough economic times. Last time we had four Wabash representatives, so I told the two groups the real example of betl tightening was that it was just me this time.

Regardless of the numbers, our alums love getting together and hearing from the College whenever they can. I've seen that at many Wabash events but I've never seen it like my return trip to California for the magazine and then this week in Seattle and Portland.