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An Interesting Twist to Wrap Up Northwest Trip

We've wrapped up the two alumni receptions which were the purpose of our return to the Great Northwest as Wabash Magazine arrives in mailboxes across the country.

I just don't think either could have gone much better. There was great spiri and participation and a chance for many old friends to re-connect. And I witnessed some re-commection to the College as well.

I have one more post I will get up, I hope, Thursday night. But the story is a bit involved.

Last summer when flying out here to do the interviews that became the stories in this issue, I was reading a book by Brian Doyle about the state's great Pinot Noir. Doyle followed a year in the life of the Lange Winery in the Dundee Hills of the Willamette Valley. Doyle is the editor of Portland Magazine, a publication of Portland University.

I enjoyed it so much that during my two personal days of that visit, my first visit was to Lange. It was fabulous Pinot on a fabulous perch with a great view. Upon return to Crawfordsville I learned Wabash Magazine Editor Steve Charles had me Doyle at a conference.

Then Charles decided it would be great to have Doyle write "A Man's Life" for this Great Northwest issue. Doyle did just that along with several great essays.

So, to bring things full circle. I opened my first bottle of that Pinot Noir two weeks ago. It was just really, really nice wine. I have a little side avocation with a newspaper column and blog about wine. I wrote on my blog the next day how much I enjoyed the Lange Pinot.

The very next day I heard from Jesse Lange with a nice note thanking me for my kind words. I immediately wrote back explaining this odd connection between Wabash and Lange Winery and asked if he would give me a few moments Thursday to talk about the book experience and Lange wines. He graciously agreed.

I'll hopefully write a post Thursday night about that visit and have some photos!

For those wine enthusiasts or geeks, I've stayed over a couple days - on my own dime - to re-vist wine country here. I'm writing about that experience and the wines on my personal blog which you can check out here.