Wabash Blogs Immersion 2008: Ugandan Madinda Masters

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Touring the national Museum

Tuesday, May 27 - Today was amazing.†I went back to the Uganda national museum to learn from Mr. Sekitooleko. I learned three new kadinda style songs and progressed a little further with the kadinda style, which is fiercely difficult and intricate.

Click here to see photos from the past few days of our trip!

Then we learned a few new madinda songs including Ssematimba, a song Mr. Ssebuwufu had mentioned but Dr. Makubuya would not let me do because he thought it was too difficult. 

I was able to do it! They were very impressed and we even played as an ensemble for other tourists coming through! I cannot wait to meet with this teacher again, he is very fun and interesting and things progressed greatly today.

We also toured the museum some more and even saw some of the traditional houses of eastern Africa. Here I got a lot of really good pictures.Admittedly, the most architecturally complex and impressive house of all of them was the house of the Baganda people, the people who the music I was studying belonged to. The architecture was incredible! Then we went and toured the Uganda national theatre and saw some incredible dancing!


Kyle, sounds like things are going very well, take advantage of every opportunity to meet with these wonderful people. They are so vibrant and happy even though it seems to us they are poor in material things. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Say Hi to Stephen for me!!


Kyle, we are very proud of you and what you have set out for yourself to accomplish. But listen my friend, you only have so much weight you can carry back on the plane.
Love from,
Amy & Jerry

I envy you for being there. I feel homesick when I see the pictures. But I am so happy for you. That will be something to remember forever Kyle. Tell everyone you meet that I've sent greetings. Don't mind who the person is, just smile and say. Hi from Sr. Stella.
Ha ha!