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Arriving in Dubai

Wednesday May 21 - We arrived at Dubai today. It is truly an amazing city. The flight we took to Dubai was called Emirates Airline, an airline based out of Dubai. It was an incredible flight—the plasma wide screen television in front of each seat had options to listen to just about every radio broadcast, podcast, cd, or watch any movie you could possibly want.

The meals were spectacular and frequent and the staff was ridiculously nice. All this and the flight was at a discount to other airlines! This airline was just a taste of the riches and prestige Dubai had to offer.

While at Dubai we happened to meet up with three other professors of African music/culture, which led to a very interesting discussion that night over dinner. The focus of the discussion was on the negative impacts of colonialism on Africa. On the way out of Dubai I was able to snap a picture of the Burj Dubai, currently the tallest building in the world. I wish I could have stayed longer to see more of what Dubai is about.