Wally Tunes – Unbelievably Great!

Professor James Makubuya

Wally Tunes – Our Fifth Annual Faculty-Alumni Symposium – focused on the Liberal Arts and Music.  All of the Symposia have been special in their own way – none more so than this one.

You’ll see more coverage of the Symposium on our web site – I just wanted to tell you that those who missed it missed an absolute blast.

James Makubuya, Peter Hulen, Jeff Drury, Philip Seward ’82, Gordon Bonham ’80, Eric Stark ’88…and on…and on…and on!

Allen Schulz ’87

Allen Schulz ’87 unveiled a new piece he had written for the Symposium.  His piece was written in Queens and the performers were our own Diane Norton and Kristen Strandberg.

Gordon Bonham ’80

Closing the night was Gordon Bonham ’80 whose Blues on guitar and banjo works better than any anti-anxiety medicine you can find.  You simply couldn’t listen and not decide life is good!

All of the seasons will be on You Tube – you HAVE to see them all!

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