Wabash Fraternity Advisors – One of the Kind

Jon Pactor ’71 leads Fraternity Advisor Meeting

Wabash might be the only institution of its kind to have a group of alumni serving as fraternity advisors.  All the active fraternities at Wabash have members that serve on this  committee – they regularly meet to share information about their fraternities and also share problems and solutions.

Representatives of roughly half of the Wabash fraternities met in Indianapolis last night with representatives of the College’s Administration.  These included: Mike Raters ’85, Dean of students; Will Oprisko, Assoc. Dean of Students; Rich Woods, Director of Safety and Security, and; Alex Moseman ’12, Admissions Counselor.  Also attending the meeting as a fraternity advisor and alumni leader was Greg Estell ’85, president of our alumni board.

A full agenda included planning for Fraternity advisor Day onApril 6, 2014 to fraternity involvement in Honor Scholar Weekend.

Besides helping to create leaders in our fraternities, these alumni model the concept that Wabash is 4-LIFE.  Thanks for all you do for the ‘Bash!

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