This Good Place…and that Good Place

Montgomery County Special Olympics

At halftime of Saturday’s Wabash basketball game, very few fans left their seats.  Our fans and students cheered every play, just like they would for the Little Giants.

The roar was for the athletes playing a mini-game – our local young men and young women who compete in the Special Olympics.

It was competitive, as you can see in the photo.  But it was a model for all of us to learn.  High level of competition, effort by everyone on the court, no hurt feelings, no ball hogs, no “all O and no D”.  Simply young men and women enjoying a sport we all know and love.

It was amazing!

The Grunge had the opportunity to travel to see the #2 team in the nation play on the following day.  It was Pink Zone day. (They put me to work selling programs like I was back there in the old days!)  At half time, they had a ring of cancer survivors around the entire court and introduced an alumna who had beaten breast cancer.  Her story brought the standing “O”.  The focus was on the power of prayer and healing and working for a that Good Place.

For the weekend in basketball, the Grunge and Carol went 3-0…but long after the scores and outcomes are forgotten, the spirit of these Good Places will burn bright.




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