The Fran Hollett Celebration

Attended the Fran Hollett Fun…er…Celebration today.  More than any other…Celebration…I have been to, this one was truly that.

The Rev. Anne Rosebrock set the tone from beginning to end.  She celebrated Fran’s great spirit, her love of life and humor, and the strong, strong links she shared with Barney when it came to all things Wabash.

Fran’s daughter Susan spoke, Tony Altavilla ’85 spoke, and President White spoke.  Love, enthusiasm, deep faith, lust for life…it all came through.  And we all laughed.

Those of you who know me well know I am a fighter pilot and thus I do not cry…but sometimes I deal with very sudden pollen attacks or micro colds that cause my eyes to water.  Didn’t happen today…for all the right reasons.  This was a Celebration that left everyone there smiling.

A life well lived.  A life well lived.

As I left the beautiful Church, the air was like an early fall day, the wind was almost calm, and I swear I could smell brats on a tailgate grill.  Somewhere, I know, a batch of tailgate “tomato juice-like” adult beverages were being passed around.

A perfect day for a Celebration.


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