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Alex Loucks '08

I have started my first set of projects at our Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA.  I am working on the operations side of the hospital in our Rehabilitation Department.  This rotation is used to introduce CTCA Management Fellows to hospital operations and patient experiences.  I will have the opportunity to follow a patient through the individualized treatment schedule to gain an understanding of what the patient deals with day-to-day and how, from a management perspective, this process can be improved.  I will also be able to work with the caregivers, i.e. nurses, doctors, and others, to help improve their process as well as develop and implement new ideas into the treatment process.

My particular rotation in Rehab will be to develop and grow an outpatient rehab program from the ground-up between now and the middle of November. (Just to clear things up, rehab is our name for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for our patients.)  In this project I will gain an understanding of the caregiver and patient interaction, the rehab operations, build and develop a working operations program, and manage a section of a department during growth and development.

Along with my operations rotation, I am also completing my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.  The project I am doing for my training is in operations as well, and I will be working to optimize space utilization in our Oncology Clinic through changing floor plans, altering schedules, and working with doctors and nurses to develop patient flow plans.  I am really excited about this project because of the level of exposure I will gain from its successful completion and implementation in our hospitals across the enterprise.

(This is a picture of my Management Fellows class taken atop the steps that Sylvester Stallone ran up in “Rocky” in downtown Philadelphia, PA)

So after rambling on about work and the nerdy excitement that I am getting from it, I think I should inject some more exciting things or at least some more about my nonexistent personal life.

Since I have been traveling every week I have not had time to go out in Chicago and see my friends that live here or even meet new friends.  I am currently relying on the people who I am meeting on airplanes to fulfill the role of new people and social entertainment.  My longest lasting airplane connection has been with a woman, about my age, that I met a few weeks ago flying to Philly who has just moved to Chicago.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to really grow the new friendship because of travel.  It seems pretty sad but my coworkers are doing a good job at stimulating my social life and they have turned into good friends.

Other than the above developments in my life, there hasn’t been a lot that has happened.  I have recently noticed that my life is not in order because I have not had time to get my bank accounts settled, find or purchase various insurance policies, or even clean my apartment appropriately.  But as many people say, “Welcome to the real world!”

I will be updating you all in another month.


Can you give more information regarding the management fellowship with CTCA and how to apply?