It’s Student Survey Time!

Yesterday we released our 2006-07 student technology survey.  This annual survey is one of our best tools for measuring how well we are meeting our student’s technology needs and expectations.  The survey is also extremely valuable in helping us prioritize future technology initiatives.

If you are a current Wabash student and haven’t yet taken the technology survey, please take five minutes to take the survey now.

I always look forward to seeing the survey results.  We can predict some results (despite quadrupling our Internet bandwidth in the past year and dramatically expanding our wireless network coverage, I expect both will continue to rate high on most student’s wish lists), but I am sure we will also uncover some unknown issues, and get some great suggestions from students for improving the web site or computer labs.

We’ve previously surveyed students at the end of the spring semester, but moved to the fall semester this year for several reasons.  First, this time of year ties in better with our planning and budgeting processes, and positions us better to take full advantage of the information gained in the survey.  Second, we will be able to act sooner on minor issues than we otherwise would.  Third, the survey always brings to light some services we offer that many students aren’t aware of, and the earlier survey date will help us raise student awareness at the start of the spring semester.

Our goal this year is to get completed surveys from 70% of the in-resident students, which means we need about 600 responses.  This is our fourth student survey and we always get a good response rate, so I’m confident that we’ll reach our goal.  I’m sure the prize helps (this year, one student will be selected by random drawing and win his choice of an Apple iPod, Nintendo Wii, or $250 gift certificate to the Wabash Bookstore), but I think it’s more than that.  We see time and again that Wabash students care deeply about all aspects of the College, and most jump at the chance to let us know what they think.

For our part, we’ll take seriously all survey responses and comments we get back, and look throughout the campus and within our organization for ways we can improve to better meet the needs of the campus.

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