Google’s new privacy policy

On Thursday, March 1st the privacy policy at Google will change. This change will effect all Google accounts; Gmail, YouTube, docs, Picasa, blogger, reader, calendar, talk, and the list goes on and on! Google offers a lot of great services. “Google it” is even a common phrase! The new policy states that it will not sell your information to outside companies but will use the data to help provide better search results, user preferences that help display local ads or advertisement that is specific to “you” according to your uses of the Google suite of products/services available. As of now there are 3 options to help you deal with the “sharing” of your Google internet preferences.
1) Don’t use any Google products or services (use Yahoo or Bing, no substitute for YouTube)
2) Do not log into your Google account (surf anonymously)
3) Log into your Google account, manage your account from the dashboard, choose privacy, and click on “remove my history”.

But with all of that said… they are all tracking us in one way or another.

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Apple TV

What’s this??? Apple has a TV? No, not yet, but they are working on something entertaining for the family room TV. But for the classrooms that are part of the iPad pilot on campus they will be receiving Apple TV. The new Apple TVs will allow instructors to use the air-play feature of their iPads to mirror their iPad screen on the projector screen. The setup requires a projector with an HDMI port, Apple TV, HDMI cable, and an Apple iOS device.

The cost of the Apple TV device cost is $99. Several advantages to the Apple TV for home use other than mirroring an iOS device. It allows home sharing with iTunes. If you log into the Apple TV with your iTunes account you will have access to all your movies, TV shows, music, and more. Apple also features Netflix, Hula+, HBO Go, NHL, and MLB channels.

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It’s Here!

Wabash has gone mobile! When you access from any mobile device you will automatically be routed to the mobile version of the site. The site has several easy to use icons with information about our campus. But if you still need more, you can access the full site from the bottom of the mobile web page. The IT and public relations departments have worked very hard on this site to make it useful. Thanks to all who contributed. The site looks great!

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iPads on campus!

The IT dept is now accepting proposals for the use of iPads in a classroom environment. Do you have idea(s) on how you would like to use the iPad on campus? Is your idea a 1:1 (1 iPad to 1 student) proposal or a lab cart style that the iPad will be used by several students?

We have prepared a website with additional information

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me:

Kitty Rutledge
Ext 6174

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