Singfield ’11 Sees Best of College Prep School

D.J. Singfield ’11 - For some, it’s an outstanding college prep school; for others, it’s a leader in technology; still for others, it’s a caring, nurturing and safe environment for students to learn and grow. During the course of 50 years, Gordon Tech has addressed the needs of young people preparing for higher education and a career of their choice. Each student is important at Gordon Tech. The emphasis is to help each student develop aspects of his or her educational experience, whether academic, physical, social or religious.” 

This week has been such a blessing. Getting the opportunity to teach in an urban environment has been quite the experience. I have had the privilege of teaching and observing in Gordon Tech High School which is a private Catholic school located near “The Loop” in Chicago. This school has about 500 students and 40-45 teachers who are close-knit and have been awesome to interact with. After being able to teach and talk with students from Gordon Tech who have a much different educational environment than most teenagers,

I noticed vital components of teaching that will be important to keep in mind in the future. I was uncertain and tentative of what to expect, but after meeting my host teacher and having a couple of students I was encouraged and excited about the week. My idea of private school students has been completely changed. I’ve realized that no matter which institutions students attend, how different their home-life situations are, and what ethnic or cultural differences they possess they are all simply kids. They all deserve the best education that you as a teacher can offer and if you believe in them they will believe in themselves.

This week has been a blast! Sharing this experience with Chris Beedie, one of my best friends has made it even better because he has been abroad for a semester. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! ( I might be a little late on that!)


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