Durm ’11 Used Football to Talk Leadership

Nick Durm ’11 - This afternoon was a good day of teaching. It was a perfect subject for a Wabash man. I broke the ice with the students with discussions about leadership. I told them that on the Wabash football team we define leadership as influence and that they are always influencing people, even if they don’t realize it.

The lesson turned to a quick idea of what it means to use that influence properly. After that I was able to facilitate student analysis of what they were reading out loud, which was Orwell’s Animal Farm. On this trip, I have learned the importance of relationship in the classroom, and how important the student-teacher connection is to engaging the student in class. Kids are kids, and can be engaged no matter where they live, as long as the teacher can make that connection.

After classes and a long commute back to the hostel, we debriefed for the day. Then Josh Miracle and I went on an adventure to the nearby lakeshore and through Millennium Park. This was a great experience, because it was a beautiful day to spend outside in Chicago. We threw the football in Millennium Park and then used our free passes to a local gym to get a quick lift in. For dinner tonight we were on our own, so we went to a local pizza place and got some real Chicago deep dish pizza. It was delicious.

This week has been a great trip for new cultural experiences. There were the ones that were planned by our education professors, such as the city market (Hispanic culture), the Red Apple Polish buffet, Pilsen (formerly Czech, now Hispanic), and Chinatown. However, just as interesting have been our
experiences with the Chicago culture, especially near to our Hostel. Needless to say, the people of Chicago are unique, or as Kam would say, ";a different breed around here."

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