Miracle ’11 Worries About CPS Future

Josh Miracle ’11 – “Single file line, everyone must pass through the metal detector, get your IDs out, take off your hats.” Upon walking into Kenwood Academy, one is graciously greeted by one of many fine security guards. At first I was a bit skeptical to walk into such an environment, but I have learned that Kenwood Academy is a great institution. 

Although I have only been at Kenwood for three days, it is clear that the teachers genuinely care and have the students’ interest at heart. I was shocked at how many Honors and AP courses were offered by the school. In addition, teachers offer ample study sessions, workshops, and tutoring sessions in order to help the students prepare for AP and ACT tests. Aside from tests, Kenwood also requires students to perform 40 hours of community service and apply to a handful of colleges before graduating. I will have to say that I am worried that Kenwood’s culture of facilitating learning is in jeopardy. The Chicago Public School system has cut numerous teachers which will leave Kenwood with about a 35 to 1 student to teacher ratio.

Today I was able to teach an AP psychology class. The lesson was built around the new television series Lie to Me. The lesson became very interactive when I presented students with an array of facial expressions. He/she then attempted to identify the person’s emotion within a matter of seconds. This unique approach to social psychology generated a great deal of discussion and was viewed by my host teacher as an absolute success. 
Aside from teaching a more diverse class than accustom to, Chicago has expanded my culture in other ways. I now consider myself an avid traveler on the Chicago bus and train system, know where the local gym is to hangout, and have been to the fabulous Chinatown. In Chinatown, we were able to meet up with three leaders from OneWay Ministry. These men had taken a few members to Africa during spring break. With the three of them leading the way, we were able to experience unique tapioca filled Chinese smoothies and discover the ins and outs of the Chicago Stock Exchange. 
We visited a top level stock trading business in the heart of downtown Chicago. It was a great experience which showed me the importance of trade across the world. This was a perfect way to end a very eventful day in the city.

In photo: Josh Miracle and Tommy Mambourg.

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