Mambourg ’11 Teaches First Class in Chicago

Tommy Mambourg ’11 – We are passed the halfway point, and this week has been exciting to say the least. However, Tuesday was one of the more interesting days thus far. Forgot I left my CTA pass in the pair of pants I wore on Monday so I had to run back to the hostel to use it for the day. However, being five minutes late to my teachers plan hour opened my eyes up to more of the disciplinary issues at Kenwood Academy. First, if students are late to class they are supposed to scan their ID, and the computer they used to scan prints out a receipt or tardy slip. Being tardy to class seems to be a common occurrence at Kenwood, so administration is trying to put a legitimate stop to the recurring problem.

Today, I was able to teach as well as sit in on a meeting for social studies classes before the first bell rang. For my teaching, my host teacher wanted me to start the class up with a bell ringer asking an open ended question describing the word terror. The response from students was great as I started to adjust to the classroom. The short discussion led students into their assignment for today which was assigned questions in groups of twos on the life of Napoleon. In my meeting with the history department I saw the passion of teachers and the variety of styles that are brought to their classrooms. This gave me a better understanding and feel for the colleagues my host teacher works with.

Near the end of the school days, with the help of Dr. Iazetto , Dr. Butler and Dr. Pittard, as students and travelers of this city we have expanded our knowledge on the culture of Chicago. Using the public transportation system has been eye opening. Some of the things seen on the trains and buses have been quite amusing. Also, after a dinner out in Chinatown this evening we visited a very successful stock exchange company with the help of some individuals from OneWay ministry.  Although, it felt like a sauna where the headquarters were run, it was nonetheless beneficial. 

As we wrap up the week up, I just wanted to give a quick shot out to the seniors who are graduating this Sunday: best of luck in the real world, you guys have made an impact on Wabash College, thank you. 

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