Dan Schwanekamp - As a group, Eric Shaver, Josiah Roberts, JT Moore, and I left for Von Steuben at 6:15 this morning. After Eric downed a Red Bull, we caught the 6:20 train to Kimball. We beat the professional crowd out, riding a mostly empty ā€œLā€ train.  My teacher has first period off, so the first hour of my day is spent helping my host teacher in the computer lab creating worksheets. Apparently my skills for messing around with Paint on the computer when I am bored will actually benefit me in my career.

In my second day in the classroom, I started to get into the swing of things. Although I began to teach a little yesterday, today was really my first day to teach a lesson in Chicago. The lesson itself was a little trial-by-fire because I was informed  I was taking over the lesson only seconds before I began. With that being said, I really enjoyed getting up front and teaching the students. They were very receptive of a new face and seemed to pick up on the excitement of parabolas (at least no one fell asleep). I taught four class periods and the new experience of teaching in an urban setting was very rewarding.

After riding the Brown Line 50 minutes back to our hostel, our Wabash class got together to debrief about our adventures in our three separate schools. It is very interesting to hear the differences and similarities between the Chicago Public Schools. So far, everyday has produced 2 or 3 stories that either amaze us or make us laugh. That laughter today carried us into dinner.

As a group, we took the red line to Chinatown. Sitting around two larger round tables, the 12 of us hunkered down for some good eating. As the dinner wore into its second hour, my side of the table began to find everything hilarious. Being cooped up together for four straight days has created some inside jokes that make us laugh to the point of tears. The term shenanigan is now a widely used phrase in our group. Overall, we had not only a great experience in the classroom, but we are really starting to enjoy the time together to laugh, learn, and just be Wabash men.

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One Response to Shenanigans

  1. Diane Schwanekamp says:

    It is good to hear that you are enjoying teaching. Being ready to teach on a moments notice is not unusual in teaching. Sometimes you’ll find yourself with an unexpected 5 minutes or more at the end of a class period and you have to think on your feet.
    The stories that you all are sharing are just the beginning of a lifetime more!
    I’m so glad you are having this experience! Wabash has been a great school for you!