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Lilly Grant Business Intern - SportZone

Heading into my senior year, I knew it was of the utmost importance to obtain a quality summer internship.  However, I knew it would be a difficult task to accomplish while I studied abroad in Spain during this past spring semester.  Throughout the entire process, the already high opinion I held for the Career Services staff was only reinforced and made stronger.  From editing resumes and cover letters to setting up interviews for me through Skype, they did everything they could to help me find a job for the summer.  As a result of this, I was offered an 8-week internship at The SportZone in Indianapolis funded through the Lilly Grant.

I chose to intern here because I felt that I would gain valuable experience in many different areas of business.  Not only am I able to immerse myself in the sports world here, something that has always been a passion of mine, but I am also learning how to run a business from behind the scenes.  

A few of my early projects right now include obtaining price quotes for shirts from several companies and determining which fits our needs best; signing sponsors, designing the layout, and getting quotes for coupon cards that we will pass out with admission this fall; and restructuring our database of contact information along with another summer intern from Wabash, Jason Eichler.  I have already led 3 meetings with other companies to discuss our options and goals for the shirt project.  Also during my first week at The SportZone, I wrote a contract agreement with a company wishing to rent 40,000 square feet of our facility for an event with around 500 people.

I have quickly learned the importance of every dollar when running your own relatively small business.  It causes you to think critically about how you might be able to save a dollar or two here and there and also how to utilize every inch of your facility in order to bring in the most revenue possible instead of wasting space.  I am looking forward to the last 7 weeks of my internship to see what new tools and experiences I will gather.  Once again, thank you to Career Services for all the help they have given me, you are truly a one-of-a-kind staff that cannot be found elsewhere.