Wabash Blogs 2008 Summer Internships

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A summer of experiences and opportunities…

Well, school is almost here again and the summer is drawing to a close.  We, the summer project managers at the Schroeder Center for Career Development, are now going to reflect a little on our summer projects.

The Community Fair will again take place this year.  Hopefully, we should have about 70 organizations participate  in the festivities on September 2 from 11:00- 1:30.  Pat and I learned a lot from the interaction with local industries.  First and foremost, people want what’s best for them, always.  So Pat and I learned quickly when dealing with potential participants and sponsors to raise a need.  This was not too difficult, the whole “new client” spiel did the trick. Although, interestingly enough, some businesses flat-out told us “no,” which still today I cannot understand.  Once we gathered sponsors, reserved the field house and caterer, and finally confirmed enough businesses, the rest was just management.  Overall, the success of the project will be measured in the attendance on September 2.

Our other project which is about to hit shelves soon is the Career Success Tips from Wabash Alumni.  We scoured the United States for the broadest, most diverse group of alumni to give our students the best possible career advice DVD.  After six hours of footage, hours of editing, downloads and uploads, condensing and cutting, and just spending some quality time with Brandon and Jeana we had ourselves a DVD.  I have to admit, there were times when I thought that this project was going to flop. However, once Pat and I got a clear vision of our goal, things started to work out.  We interviewed alumni in Chicago, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Denver, and Boulder.  The alumni took time out of their schedules to share their advice and stories.  I know it is stated many times, but Wabash alumni are some of the best and most generous guys you will ever meet.  There will always be technical issues, but the knowledge and experiences we gained over a great summer will stick with us.

Pat and I learned a little about ourselves this summer as well.  Pat went from a guy who was thinking about a joint law and business degree after Wabash to pursuing a career in the film world.  He has found a passion for making movies and writing scripts and is going to pursue this adventure after Wabash.  I reaffirmed my belief that I want to pursue law after Wabash; furthermore, this experience has taught me that there are so many different types of law out there that I can practically do whatever interests me.  I also decided to pick up an economics minor. I have always wanted to do so, but never have really pursued it.  This summer’s interaction with alumni and fundraising has made me realize the importance of economics.  We both appreciate the opportunities we were given this summer and we hope that our work benefits Wabash students this upcoming school year.