Wabash Blogs 2008 Summer Internships

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Internship with opportunities

Steve Popovich, '10--As we all know, internships are about giving students “real life” job experiences and the opportunity for them to figure out what they actually want to do after Wabash.  The internship I have this summer has encompassed these beliefs completely.  I am working with Adorant Services Group as a small business consultant.  The experiences I receive from this job are quite unique compared with other internships offered.  Basically, my prime responsibility is structuring and creating a marketing and sales plan for an up-and-coming company.  Now you may be thinking, hmmm…that is a pretty hefty job for a kid in college that has no experience with this type of thing, and I couldn’t agree more!  But, I have quickly learned that there is no experience better than real world experience; fully immersing yourself in something that you have no idea about, then getting the hang of it, then actually becoming good at it.  The best gratification of this experience is the learning curve and finding the capability within yourself to accomplish difficult tasks.  Kind of sounds similar to the Wabash curriculum huh? 

This internship has also shown me much of Indiana, as well as Chicago, and even Milwaukee, WI.  Our 4th of July weekend in Milwaukee was quite the memorable experience.  My boss sent me and the other intern Mark Shultz up to Milwaukee for a consumer interview, but he wanted to make sure we also had a good time.  It just so happened that during 4th of July weekend, Summerfest was going on.  For those of us that are not familiar with Summerfest, it is the largest outdoor music festival in the world.  So our boss got us a hotel room on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Milwaukee and sent us on our way to Summerfest.  All he said was, “I want you guys to have a good time,” and we sure did. 

Another aspect of the internship that I enjoy is my boss’ enthusiasm to introduce us to other successful alumni and pick their brains about their careers.  One of the notable meetings was with Greg Jania at W.P. Global Partners in the financial district of Chicago.  It was a great feeling to walk through the financial district of Chicago dressed in a suit.  It gave me a feeling of somewhat importance and substance.  But, the lunch meeting with Mr. Jania in his 39th floor conference room overlooking the city was the highlight of the day.  We discussed different aspects of his career and the challenges he had to overcome to be where he is today.  We also discussed career paths that we could follow after Wabash that will give us the opportunity to have a great jobs.  This meeting as well as all of the other meetings with alums throughout the summer have been enlightening and have made me finally realize what I wish to pursue after Wabash.  As I mentioned in short earlier, this internship has given me some great work experience, but the “real life” experience has been priceless. 

Pictured above Steve Popovich and Mark Schultz on one of thier company visits.