Bradshaw ’15 Gains Valuable Law Experience

Ben Bradshaw ’15 – I’ve spent the majority of my days this summer at the law office of Campbell Kyle Proffitt, which is two blocks off the main square in Noblesville, Indiana.  So far, it’s been an invaluable learning experience — both about the field of law and life.

Wearing a shirt and tie and sitting at a desk for about eight hours a day certainly took some getting used to.  However, after a change in my sleep schedule and reminding myself that many individuals my age are outdoors working landscaping and lifeguarding jobs this summer, I adjusted quite well.  Working a full time job allows me to see that I actually have a bit more free time then I think while I’m at college, and also keeps me sharp during the summer.

Ben Bradshaw ’15 at work in the law office.

Working at a law office has brought me a variety of different experiences — each day offers new tasks and challenges.  Though my main supervisor is Joe Revell, the administrator of both the Noblesville and Carmel offices, I essentially have about eight individuals that I’m working for and/or with on any given day.  These opportunities to work under and with attorneys, paralegals, administrators, and accountants have given me a wide variety of experiences in many different areas of law.

Early in June, I worked in estate planning, using a database to organize, update, and protect certain files.  John Terry, an attorney at CKP who specializes in estate planning, graduated from Wabash in 1995 and is a brother of Beta Theta Pi.  I learned a great deal about powers of attorney, trust agreements, living wills, etc. during this time and went with John to a court hearing regarding a mortgage settlement.

Since then, I’ve worked with numerous attorneys by doing research on cases revolving around personal injury, social security, bankruptcy filings, summary judgment, unlawful entry, etc.  The attorney’s in the office have been helpful in walking me through the cases and informing me why certain details are critical.  I’ve gone over to court and sat with the council a few times for cases that I’ve helped work on, which has been gratifying. Often, especially now that the attorney’s know me better, they’ll swing by my office and grab me before heading over to court.

I’ve been invited to office lunches, partner meetings, and I may even have the opportunity to play on a golf team representing the firm.  These opportunities provide me with the chance to interact with educated individuals who are, in some cases, much older than I am and ask questions.  Sitting at a table full of lawyers that I’d only met a week before was a bit nerve racking, but now it’s normal.  Being comfortable in these circumstances and similar situations will be crucial in the future, so every opportunity is great practice.

Naturally, I’ll finish with a plug for both Wabash and the Greek system.  Wabash men have been a part of Campbell Kyle Proffitt for a long period of time.  All of the attorneys know this, and when a judge asked me where I was going to school I responded and he merely chuckled and said, “Of course.”

During my time in Hamilton County, it’s evident that the “Wabash Mafia” is incredibly strong here.  Further, countless individuals I’ve met in Hamilton County have been members of Greek organizations.  I’m living with Jon Finley, a Wabash graduate, Beta, and father of my pledge brother, Ben Finley.  Without the help of Wabash College and Beta Theta Pi, I wouldn’t be able to be in the position I’m currently in.  I’d also like to send a huge thanks to the Lilly Endowment for providing compensation for this learning opportunity.

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Bennett ’14 Gets Real World Opportunity

Kevin Bennett ’14 – As I started my internship around the first week of June I truly had no idea what to expect when it came to most things. I had never been in a professional setting, never done real, meaningful analytical work for another person’s business, and never really put my name out there to network and meet others in the ways I should have been doing.  My internship with Bryon Foley at Foresight Financial Management has truly been a defining and growing moment in my life.  I have assisted Bryon in analyzing and building new financial plans for clients as the economic market continues to sway and shift.  Although the United States is drastically better along economically than in 2008, the repercussions of the Great Recession are still affecting the business of financial planning and advising.  Byron and I have been working diligently to understand, plan, and educate clients on the future road of the market and potential options they have to maximize their portfolio earnings.

Bennet with Bryon Foley ’96

One of the greatest aspects of this internship is the field it is in.  I am very apt to working side by side with other people in order to provide a service to the target market audience.  However, I never tested this in practical terms until this summer.  This position put me in front of hundreds of business professionals weekly and taught me to really own myself.  I have been able to schedule one-on-one meetings with attorneys from all over Indianapolis and simply discuss their practice, the future, and any sort of advice they may have for me.  Since I am considering on attending law school next fall, I decided I could truly learn a great deal from these men and women before I took this major jump into the road of even higher education.

This internship position has given me more than I ever could have asked for.  It has been a tremendous fit, and I am completely comfortable with the industry and field I have been working in.  I would like to thank the generosity of Lilly Endowment for making the funding of this program possible.  Without the backing from the organization and additional Wabash alumni generosity, I would never have been able to work in this field, learn what I have, and plan for the future which is so quickly approaching.  Also I would like to thank Byron Foley for the opportunity.  Once again, without the support and mentoring, I would never have development in maturity and experience as I have this summer alone.

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Dunkel ’15 Gains Appreciation for Sustainability

Tim Dunkel ’15 – It is hard to believe that I have a little time left of being the Wabash Community Garden intern. This opportunity that I have had was only made possible by the generosity of the Lilly Endowment and friends of Wabash.  As part of my internship, I work alongside with the new head chef of Bon Appétit, Jason Anderson, and the general manager, Mary Jo Johnston.

Tim Dunkel ’15 at the Community Garden.

When I first started working with Bon Appétit, I was unaware of the dedication that they have towards sustainability and making the world a better place to live in. The main project I have been working on with Bon Appétit has been their Farm to Fork initiative. Farm to Fork is a program that promotes buying more locally. Buying more locally reduces the “food miles,” which are the distance food travels from harvest to table. This program helps reduce air pollution, water contamination, traffic congestion, and the need for oil, but most importantly, this program helps small, locally owned businesses, and many of these businesses are family owned.

Chef Jason Anderson’s dream is to one day have over 50 percent of their food be locally grown and produced, and I have been a part of helping him try to achieve this goal. We are planning to visit Hodgson Mill, where they produce multiple all natural or organic products. Visiting Hodgson Mill will allow us to see their facilities, how they make some of their products, and we will be able to learn more about their business. Hodgson Mill, which is located in Effingham, IL, will help Bon Appétit buy more locally produced goods, and will allow the Bon Appétit chefs to make freshly baked goods for the Wabash students.

The most important thing that working with Bon Appétit has taught me is that living humanely and acting responsibly can be the foundation for any business. Bon Appétit lives humanely because they strive to achieve the goal of having fresh and healthy food that taste delicious for Wabash’s students and faculty. They also act responsibly because they have realized that they can make a difference in changing the world for the better by practicing and promoting sustainability. Bon Appétit has taught me that a business can achieve success, and can also be committed to sustainable actions and helping people live a healthier and better life.

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Puckett ’14 Learns About Business, Himself

Austin Puckett ’14 -  As I neared the time of starting my internship back in May I had so many uncertainties. Was I going to be what they wanted? What is it going to be like in the “real” business world? I had all these questions as I entered, but no answers. As I started my internship with Leonard-McDowell I was at first a little cautious. That is to be expected, but never in my life had I been scared to talk to someone, yet here I found myself nervous to just go up and talk to another person at a networking event. I keep thinking that they would know that I was new or just an intern and just shoot me down and move on to someone else. I was hesitant until finally after the first couple people I talked to I came to the realization that they were there for the same reason I was. To get to know other people that wanted to succeed. I painted a picture of them as this scary, successful businessperson that wouldn’t even consider talking to an intern. However, the reality of the situation is that they were just like me. I meet all types of people: successful, start ups, not so successful, but that was the good thing about this internship. The vast amount of people I meet let me know that anything is possible in the business world. It just takes a solid idea and some great people to work with.

As I continued on with my internship, I worked in the sales department; I learned the true meaning of character building. The amount of people I talked to and the amount of times I got shot down, I will admit, was frustrating. However, it was those instances that allowed me to understand what businessmen and entrepreneurs go through to get a business started. It is not all success and moneymaking. It takes time and effort to grow something that you truly believe in. I may not have meet some of the sales goals that I had set to make, but I am okay with that because I got a great view of what it truly means to run a business and how much hard work it takes. I would like to thank my boss, Frank Leonard for showing me everything that I just described. I would also like to thank everyone that I worked with. You guys made it a great experience. (Audrey, Tyler, Ivan, Ben, Oksana, Mike, Tom)

Finally I would like to thank Lilly Endowment, Inc for the opportunity that they gave me. Without them I would not have gotten the experience I got or learned what I learned and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Link to Leonard-McDowell:

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Pusateri ’14: Internship Shaping Career Plans.

Brad Pusateri ’14 – During the weeks leading up to the first day of my internship with Allegient LLC, I spent a large portion of my time wondering what exactly I was going to be doing. Frankly, I imagined a large majority of my average workday to involve executing trivial office tasks such as fetching coffee, filing paperwork, or making copies.  To my surprise, my perceived vision of an internship was the furthest thing from reality.

I am here in beautiful Indianapolis. Seeing as this summer is my first being spent as an intern, I had a lot to learn right off the bat. However, Lindsey LaBerge, Wabash alumnus Jim Kerr, and the rest of the business development team have taken me under their wing and taught me not only the ins and outs of sales and marketing, but also provided valuable insight into my future and how to achieve my goals post-graduation.

Pusateri at work, in center.

One of the standout lessons I have learned up to this point came about while attending a Go In-bound Marketing conference. Just as the products and technology available today change so rapidly, advertisement and marketing strategies must evolve at the same pace. For example, last year there were more smartphones sold than babies born. Due to the boom, a company’s mobile presence is crucial. Forty percent of consumers will turn to a competitor’s website if the one they are on is not mobile optimized or a smartphone app is not available. As mobile becomes larger and larger, social mediums such as Twitter and blogs will become a progressively larger part of a company’s marketing strategy. I would have never guessed today’s top companies are generating business by utilizing a social media tool I use every day!

During my time here, I have had the opportunity to take the reins on a number of marketing projects and gain real-world experience in the field. One such project was the creation of content and design of a marketing flyer for a partnership between Allegient and Prentice Consulting. The project taught me to hone my writing skills in order to be dually concise and captivating in my content, a must in business writing. I have also had the opportunity to team up with Allegient’s Channel Manager, Andy Brockett, to research metrics and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) being used by today’s top executives in order to better educate our sales team on what our clients really want and need, making them more efficient in the field.

My internship with Allegient, in my opinion, has been one of the most influential and valuable experiences of my life. I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment, Wabash alumni, Allegient, family, and friends for giving me this opportunity to learn so much. With the knowledge I have gained during my time here, I have a much clearer understanding of the career path I wish to follow next spring.

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Sheridan ’14 Has New Appreciation for Crawfordsville

Jacob Sheridan ’14 – This summer I have had the great opportunity to intern with Wabash Alumnus and Mayor of Crawfordsville Todd Barton. The past six weeks here at the Crawfordsville City Building have been both a learning experience and a lot of fun. I have been able to work with nearly every city department and taken on a variety of different projects. Two of the main projects that I have worked on this summer have been the city’s website and the city’s Geographic Information System, WTH Think GIS mapping software.

Sheridan chatting over city business with Mayor Todd Barton ’00.

While working on the website, I updated many different department pages like photos for the Fire Department or minutes for the Board of Works, but I also created two completely new pages. The first was the Volunteer Work Information page, which is supposed to increase the communication between local organizations in need of volunteer work and those volunteers in the community looking for work to be done. The second was the new webpage for the Crawfordsville Municipal Golf Course. The city has been working to improve the services of the golf course and to make its operation more sustainable. The new website should help spread awareness and information about the course to the community and surrounding areas. Although I am no expert, I have played several different golf courses, and the Crawfordsville Municipal Golf Course is a great course at an even better price.

A majority of my summer has been spent working with the Brandy Allen and Megan Huckstep of the Planning and Community Development Department where I have done a lot of work to update the Think GIS mapping software. My first assignment was to update the city limits and zoning layers of the map by going through the legal descriptions of city ordinances as far back as 2003. At first glance, the legal descriptions looked like a foreign language, but with the help of Mike Davis and Jennifer Starnes at the Montgomery County Mapping Department, I was able to pick up the legal descriptions and the mapping software quite quickly.

Next, I worked on a project to create a completely new map layer that would show all of the permits that the Planning Department had issued within the past few years, and link all of the necessary information to it. This was challenging at first, forcing me to spend a lot of time talking to the WTH support team, but it was the type of challenge that I was looking forward to and that provided lots of learning experiences.

Finally, Street Commissioner Scott Hesler asked me to help him create a new layer of all the alleys in Crawfordsville. You can find an alley on the mapping software by finding any place where the parcel lines do not meet up and that is not a road. According to the current parcel map, there are around 26 miles of alleys in the city limits of Crawfordsville, which is above the normal amount. However, my work was just the first step in the process, as a street crew will now take my map to verify if an alley is physically there. Different procedures will have to be taken for alleys that exist on the map, but not on land, and for those that exist on land, but are not shown on the map.

I am excited to continue working with and learning from all of the people here in the Crawfordsville city government. In closing, I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment and the generous donations of Wabash Alumni that have supported this great learning experience.

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Jones ’15 Experiences Finance, Small Business

Patrick Jones ’15 – This summer I have the great opportunity to work at one of the fastest growing financial firms in the Indianapolis area, Private Capital Management Group, Inc.  I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment and the Wabash alumni who have made this internship possible.  Had it not been for their generosity, I would not be able to get such valuable business experience this summer.

Jones, center, with Kersey and Bushong.

With that being said, let me enlighten you on what it is like to be an intern at PCMG. The company is currently in the process of moving to a new location in downtown Noblesville so I have been heavily involved in the moving process.  When I was selected to intern at PCMG, one thing I thought I could bring to the table was my experience with marketing.  I just completed the Marketing Immersion Program this past spring, and I figured I could help the company out in that capacity.  So far, I have created flyers, a couple of designs for a banner, updated the current website, and created designs for the signage at our new building.  All of this has been a great way for me to get more real-world marketing experience and a way for me to make an impact at PCMG.

I have also been learning the ins and outs of finance during my internship.  Unlike many financial companies that specialize exclusively in insurance or investments, PCMG handles all the core financial issues for clients, i.e. investments, insurances, and mortgages all in one place.  So far, I have primarily been assisting clients with insurance quotes and other related queries. However, I have gotten a good taste of the mortgage and investment side as well, and by the time my internship is over, I am certain I will have a good understanding of all things finance-related.

To top things off, my internship allows me to see what it takes to run a successful business.  Thane Bushong ’96, PCMG’s president, established the company in 1999, and he has firmly established himself as one of the best personal wealth managers in the area.  He is an expert with investments and wealth management, and he also uses his knowledge of finance to help his clients find solutions with mortgages, insurance, and other forms of financial planning.  Thane is one of the hardest workers I have been around and his passion for PCMG and entrepreneurship has motivated me to consider starting my own business some day.

Thane, along with Jake Kersey ’13, who actually interned at PCMG last year and joined the company upon graduating from Wabash, have been great to work with, and they have helped me fit in and feel like I am making a difference in the company. I still have a few weeks left in my internship, but I have learned so much and received so much valuable experience. Thanks again to everyone that made this internship possible.

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