Morrison ’14 Found Daily Newspaper Work Challenging

Scott Morrison ’14 – My time at the Anderson Herald Bulletin this summer has given me the chance to do something I really enjoy, and at the same time, it has provided me with some real world experience and skills that I think can translate to any field I choose to pursue a career in. After writing for my high school paper for four years and the Bachelor for the past two, I have finally experienced a professional newsroom and written professional stories.

The way my summer has ended up does not match my original plans. I found myself after a few miscues frantically searching for a job – any job! But I found a part-time internship with Independent Colleges of Indiana doing marketing and web design work among other things and shortly after was given the opportunity to intern with the Herald Bulletin thanks to the Lilly Endowment.

Morrison ’14 in the Herald-Bulletin newsroom.

Over the course of the summer, I have learned it is not all glamorous working for a relatively small town daily paper that has a circulation of about 20,000. While seeing your byline in the paper is pretty cool, I am not breaking any world news – yet. I have covered stories ranging from a church conference, soap box derby, a Q&A with one of Willie Nelson’s band members, and my latest piece on a local Red Lobster chef who appeared in a national commercial. Through all of these stories I have met great people, gained valuable experience, and learned more about writing and reporting. And you have to start somewhere!

I have gotten unparalleled experience in my time here. I covered daily stories for the first time meaning I went into the community, covered a story, came back to the office to transcribe my notes, and then wrote my story – all in a matter of hours. That was probably one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. My mind was fried at the end of the day trying to come up with a lead for my second story.

I have been fortunate to receive critiques on many of my stories which will hopefully continue to make my writing better. This is important to me, because I know that whether I end up working for a paper after I graduate, for a marketing/PR firm, or for a small business, writing and communication skills are vital. I owe a special thanks to Herald-Bulletin features editor Scott Miley for his tutelage.

Working well under a deadline is not a bad skill to have either. Those skills are at the heart of a liberal arts education and are part of the reason many of us go to Wabash. I believe that these skills and the liberal arts education will not die at the hands of specialized education.

So far my internship has been a great experience. I have met some great people who have helped me along my way, and I have gained a better understanding of a profession I may try to pursue. I will leave this internship this summer with professional clips from news, local news, and feature sections to show future employers. This is huge for my future as employers like student papers but really look for professional work.

While all of this has been great, I am ready to return to campus and the Bachelor which is only weekly and not daily. I didn’t know how easy life was with the Bachelor until now.

Thanks again to the Lilly Endowment and everyone who has helped me along my way this summer.

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