Bradshaw ’15 Gains Valuable Law Experience

Ben Bradshaw ’15 – I’ve spent the majority of my days this summer at the law office of Campbell Kyle Proffitt, which is two blocks off the main square in Noblesville, Indiana.  So far, it’s been an invaluable learning experience — both about the field of law and life.

Wearing a shirt and tie and sitting at a desk for about eight hours a day certainly took some getting used to.  However, after a change in my sleep schedule and reminding myself that many individuals my age are outdoors working landscaping and lifeguarding jobs this summer, I adjusted quite well.  Working a full time job allows me to see that I actually have a bit more free time then I think while I’m at college, and also keeps me sharp during the summer.

Ben Bradshaw ’15 at work in the law office.

Working at a law office has brought me a variety of different experiences — each day offers new tasks and challenges.  Though my main supervisor is Joe Revell, the administrator of both the Noblesville and Carmel offices, I essentially have about eight individuals that I’m working for and/or with on any given day.  These opportunities to work under and with attorneys, paralegals, administrators, and accountants have given me a wide variety of experiences in many different areas of law.

Early in June, I worked in estate planning, using a database to organize, update, and protect certain files.  John Terry, an attorney at CKP who specializes in estate planning, graduated from Wabash in 1995 and is a brother of Beta Theta Pi.  I learned a great deal about powers of attorney, trust agreements, living wills, etc. during this time and went with John to a court hearing regarding a mortgage settlement.

Since then, I’ve worked with numerous attorneys by doing research on cases revolving around personal injury, social security, bankruptcy filings, summary judgment, unlawful entry, etc.  The attorney’s in the office have been helpful in walking me through the cases and informing me why certain details are critical.  I’ve gone over to court and sat with the council a few times for cases that I’ve helped work on, which has been gratifying. Often, especially now that the attorney’s know me better, they’ll swing by my office and grab me before heading over to court.

I’ve been invited to office lunches, partner meetings, and I may even have the opportunity to play on a golf team representing the firm.  These opportunities provide me with the chance to interact with educated individuals who are, in some cases, much older than I am and ask questions.  Sitting at a table full of lawyers that I’d only met a week before was a bit nerve racking, but now it’s normal.  Being comfortable in these circumstances and similar situations will be crucial in the future, so every opportunity is great practice.

Naturally, I’ll finish with a plug for both Wabash and the Greek system.  Wabash men have been a part of Campbell Kyle Proffitt for a long period of time.  All of the attorneys know this, and when a judge asked me where I was going to school I responded and he merely chuckled and said, “Of course.”

During my time in Hamilton County, it’s evident that the “Wabash Mafia” is incredibly strong here.  Further, countless individuals I’ve met in Hamilton County have been members of Greek organizations.  I’m living with Jon Finley, a Wabash graduate, Beta, and father of my pledge brother, Ben Finley.  Without the help of Wabash College and Beta Theta Pi, I wouldn’t be able to be in the position I’m currently in.  I’d also like to send a huge thanks to the Lilly Endowment for providing compensation for this learning opportunity.

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