Bennett ’14 Gets Real World Opportunity

Kevin Bennett ’14 – As I started my internship around the first week of June I truly had no idea what to expect when it came to most things. I had never been in a professional setting, never done real, meaningful analytical work for another person’s business, and never really put my name out there to network and meet others in the ways I should have been doing.  My internship with Bryon Foley at Foresight Financial Management has truly been a defining and growing moment in my life.  I have assisted Bryon in analyzing and building new financial plans for clients as the economic market continues to sway and shift.  Although the United States is drastically better along economically than in 2008, the repercussions of the Great Recession are still affecting the business of financial planning and advising.  Byron and I have been working diligently to understand, plan, and educate clients on the future road of the market and potential options they have to maximize their portfolio earnings.

Bennet with Bryon Foley ’96

One of the greatest aspects of this internship is the field it is in.  I am very apt to working side by side with other people in order to provide a service to the target market audience.  However, I never tested this in practical terms until this summer.  This position put me in front of hundreds of business professionals weekly and taught me to really own myself.  I have been able to schedule one-on-one meetings with attorneys from all over Indianapolis and simply discuss their practice, the future, and any sort of advice they may have for me.  Since I am considering on attending law school next fall, I decided I could truly learn a great deal from these men and women before I took this major jump into the road of even higher education.

This internship position has given me more than I ever could have asked for.  It has been a tremendous fit, and I am completely comfortable with the industry and field I have been working in.  I would like to thank the generosity of Lilly Endowment for making the funding of this program possible.  Without the backing from the organization and additional Wabash alumni generosity, I would never have been able to work in this field, learn what I have, and plan for the future which is so quickly approaching.  Also I would like to thank Byron Foley for the opportunity.  Once again, without the support and mentoring, I would never have development in maturity and experience as I have this summer alone.

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