Puckett ’14 Learns About Business, Himself

Austin Puckett ’14 -  As I neared the time of starting my internship back in May I had so many uncertainties. Was I going to be what they wanted? What is it going to be like in the “real” business world? I had all these questions as I entered, but no answers. As I started my internship with Leonard-McDowell I was at first a little cautious. That is to be expected, but never in my life had I been scared to talk to someone, yet here I found myself nervous to just go up and talk to another person at a networking event. I keep thinking that they would know that I was new or just an intern and just shoot me down and move on to someone else. I was hesitant until finally after the first couple people I talked to I came to the realization that they were there for the same reason I was. To get to know other people that wanted to succeed. I painted a picture of them as this scary, successful businessperson that wouldn’t even consider talking to an intern. However, the reality of the situation is that they were just like me. I meet all types of people: successful, start ups, not so successful, but that was the good thing about this internship. The vast amount of people I meet let me know that anything is possible in the business world. It just takes a solid idea and some great people to work with.

As I continued on with my internship, I worked in the sales department; I learned the true meaning of character building. The amount of people I talked to and the amount of times I got shot down, I will admit, was frustrating. However, it was those instances that allowed me to understand what businessmen and entrepreneurs go through to get a business started. It is not all success and moneymaking. It takes time and effort to grow something that you truly believe in. I may not have meet some of the sales goals that I had set to make, but I am okay with that because I got a great view of what it truly means to run a business and how much hard work it takes. I would like to thank my boss, Frank Leonard for showing me everything that I just described. I would also like to thank everyone that I worked with. You guys made it a great experience. (Audrey, Tyler, Ivan, Ben, Oksana, Mike, Tom)

Finally I would like to thank Lilly Endowment, Inc for the opportunity that they gave me. Without them I would not have gotten the experience I got or learned what I learned and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Link to Leonard-McDowell: http://www.leonard-mcdowell.com

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