Jones ’15 Experiences Finance, Small Business

Patrick Jones ’15 – This summer I have the great opportunity to work at one of the fastest growing financial firms in the Indianapolis area, Private Capital Management Group, Inc.  I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment and the Wabash alumni who have made this internship possible.  Had it not been for their generosity, I would not be able to get such valuable business experience this summer.

Jones, center, with Kersey and Bushong.

With that being said, let me enlighten you on what it is like to be an intern at PCMG. The company is currently in the process of moving to a new location in downtown Noblesville so I have been heavily involved in the moving process.  When I was selected to intern at PCMG, one thing I thought I could bring to the table was my experience with marketing.  I just completed the Marketing Immersion Program this past spring, and I figured I could help the company out in that capacity.  So far, I have created flyers, a couple of designs for a banner, updated the current website, and created designs for the signage at our new building.  All of this has been a great way for me to get more real-world marketing experience and a way for me to make an impact at PCMG.

I have also been learning the ins and outs of finance during my internship.  Unlike many financial companies that specialize exclusively in insurance or investments, PCMG handles all the core financial issues for clients, i.e. investments, insurances, and mortgages all in one place.  So far, I have primarily been assisting clients with insurance quotes and other related queries. However, I have gotten a good taste of the mortgage and investment side as well, and by the time my internship is over, I am certain I will have a good understanding of all things finance-related.

To top things off, my internship allows me to see what it takes to run a successful business.  Thane Bushong ’96, PCMG’s president, established the company in 1999, and he has firmly established himself as one of the best personal wealth managers in the area.  He is an expert with investments and wealth management, and he also uses his knowledge of finance to help his clients find solutions with mortgages, insurance, and other forms of financial planning.  Thane is one of the hardest workers I have been around and his passion for PCMG and entrepreneurship has motivated me to consider starting my own business some day.

Thane, along with Jake Kersey ’13, who actually interned at PCMG last year and joined the company upon graduating from Wabash, have been great to work with, and they have helped me fit in and feel like I am making a difference in the company. I still have a few weeks left in my internship, but I have learned so much and received so much valuable experience. Thanks again to everyone that made this internship possible.

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