Broecker ’16 Finds Summer Internship Enjoyable

Chris Broecker ‘16 – For some, the thought of a summer internship can seem more like a nightmare.  While everyone else is relaxing at a beach or lake, the idea of sitting in a cramped cubicle, staring at a computer screen 8 hours a day, has the ability to drive some college students insane.  In reality however, summer internships are nowhere close to this nightmare.  A summer internship can be one of the most rewarding and maturing experiences that any young college student can have.  I know this because I experienced it first-hand this summer as a data analyst intern for Angie’s List.

Angie’s List is located in Indianapolis, IN and is a company that focuses on providing their members with various businesses (i.e. Service Providers) that can satisfy their needs.  In other words, Angie’s List is the catalyst that drives business, communication, and interaction between Service Providers and Angie’s List members.  More importantly, once a Service Provider (SP) completes a job for a member, that member can then grade the SP on a scale of A to F, and write a review of the SP.  Because of this, other members can then read through the reviews of various SPs and know whether or not the SP they are interested in is worth hiring.

As a data analyst intern I was a member of the Engineering Department, and placed under the supervision of JP Patterson, a Wabash Alum from the class of ’08, and an incredible intelligent person.  I was privileged to be placed under the care of JP, not only because of the knowledge I gained by working alongside him, but because he was so easy to talk too and get along with.  He made the work place fun, and I cannot recall a time where I woke up in the morning dreading the work day because I knew that JP would make it enjoyable.

During my time with Angie’s List, JP placed me in charge of weekly reports in which I had to use a program called SQL (Structured Query Language), to find and extract the data I needed, and then place that data into Excel where I could manipulate/modify it into the format necessary.  I would also sit in on any meetings JP was a part of, and complete any “busy-work” he needed done.  Finally, JP thought up of a TOP-SECRET, HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, “if I told you I’d have to kill you” project, that he generously entrusted me with the task of starting.

Overall, my time at Angie’s List is one that I will never forget.  It opened my eyes to how the work-place truly operates, and the importance of time management and the ability to multi-task.  I felt as if I matured during my internship, and learned a number of life-lessons I will not forget.

Finally, I would just like to thank JP Patterson, Anthony Palella, Betsy Knott, Professor Widdows, Wabash Career Services, the generosity of the Lilly Endowment, and everyone at Angie’s List for making my time there possible and my summer so enjoyable.

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