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Alexis Rodriguez ’14 – This week was our first week in Lowell, Massachusetts interning for FASTPORT, LLC founded by Wabash grad Jim Ray ’95. This week was very interesting to say the least. The first two days of work were devoted solely to training the group of Wabash men who will be interning for FASTPORT for the remainder of the summer. We learned the overall idea of FASTPORT, where it stands since it was launched (about a month ago), and where they envision it to be in a few years. After those two days of training, we began to go through the process, flying solo for the most part.

Brainard and Churney

Colin Dunlap ’12 and Aeeknor Cheema ’15 have been with FASTPORT since its inception so they were our mentors throughout the training process. They taught us the current process to recruit truckers and how to file their FASTPORT to connect them with terminal managers in order to get them on the road. The unique aspect of FASTPORT is its efficiency. FASTPORT essentially connects truckers with terminal managers in need of drivers and have their application done in a matter of days rather than 3 weeks as it currently takes to apply for a trucking position.

There are several aspects I have enjoyed about this internship. First, FASTPORT is a start-up business, something we learned about in the Business Immersion Program, but now I have the opportunity to witness every aspect of a start-up business first hand. We have witnessed the small office environment, the marketing strategies, the formulation of ideas as well as the long days that have to be input by each individual party in FASTPORT in order to make this business successful.

Second, this internship has given us the opportunity to work side by side with the CEO of FASTPORT, Bill. He literally sits two seats behind where I sit in the office. It is pretty cool! Not many people can say that they’ve worked with the CEO of a company.

BIP and Wabash student Dan Purvlicis ’16

And lastly, I really enjoy that everyone in the office, with the exception of the CEO, is a Wabash man. We have #wabashstartup on several boards in the office and we’ve taken this very seriously and personally just like everything else involving Wabash College. Not only that, but we can see the role each of our individual majors play while developing ideas to make FASTPORT the outlet every trucker utilizes when seeking a driving position. One of my majors, Spanish, has been very helpful in order to target the Hispanic trucker population.

I am very excited to see this company grow and be able to turn around and say that I contributed when it was just launched. This could have not been a better follow up of the BIP because everything we learned in pen and paper, we are applying here at FASTPORT, LLC. I recommend that every Wabash man interested in business should apply for the BIP next summer. You wont regret it.


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