Owensby Learning Business of Healthcare

Tyler Owensby ’15 – This summer, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for Leonard-McDowell LLC, which is an Indianapolis-based IT consulting firm that works diligently to introduce clients to innovative and emerging technological solutions that help clients gain a competitive edge while improving productivity and increasing their ROI.  It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Managing Partner Frank Leonard ’86, and many other unique and bright individuals.

I have spent majority of my efforts in the Healthcare space, working with a wide variety of healthcare providers to help them utilize technology appropriately to become HIPAA compliant.  Our company has partnered with a San Diego-based company called Mediprocity, which allows physicians and their staff to become HIPPA, HITECH, and JCAHO compliant, and minimize their risk of willful neglect and OCR fines.  Mediprocity allows providers to communicate quickly and efficiently, in a manner that is 100% safe and secure.  As a rising junior who had very little experience in the healthcare industry, every second has been a learning experience.

Owensby, second from right, with team members.

This opportunity has allowed me to not only better understand how healthcare truly works, but has forced me to become knowledgeable of current and upcoming regulations, in order to effectively meet and consult with our many clients.  Majority of my new knowledge has come from attending multiple events, meeting with well-renowned Indianapolis physicians, and personal research.  I have also been able to meet and work with many of Wabash’s most successful doctors in the area.

It has been very exciting working in an industry like healthcare, which is currently an extremely hot market.  I truly believe I have been working with a solution that is the “next big thing,” and will most likely become one of the universally used products amongst all healthcare providers in a few years.  To think that I was able to work with the product in its earliest stages and help promote it is truly something special.

Beyond the work I’ve done with healthcare providers, my internship has placed a heavy emphasis on networking.  One of the most admirable and appealing characteristics of Frank Leonard is his realization of the importance of networking.  Frank and I share a true love of networking, and I’m honored to work alongside someone who feels the same way I do.  Frank has made it a goal to help me build my professional network, both to drive more business, and to help position me for more success in my future endeavors.  For example, just the other night, I attended the Schmooza Palooza event downtown, where I was able to network with a wide range of individuals who are members of the Indy Chamber of Commerce.  This is just one of the many events Frank has given me the opportunity to attend.  In the upcoming week, I will be attending a networking event with Deloitte in Chicago, to meet contacts to help me pursue my career goals.  Networking is vastly important for everyone to utilize, and is arguably one of the most vital skills for any professional to obtain.

I want to thank the Lilly Endowment and Wabash alumni, friends, and family who have donated to the Business Leaders Program because without your generosity this experience would not have been possible.  I have been exposed to a very fast-paced and educational environment, where I have been given a large amount of individual responsibility to build and manage my own client-base.  I am truly honored to be given this opportunity, and will forever be grateful for the generosity in funding this internship.



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