Bryant ’16: An ‘Excel’lent time at Tx:Team

Patrick Bryant ’16 – Greetings from Indianapolis and Tx:Team.  It is hard to believe that I’ve completed the sixth week of an eight week internship that is only possible through the generous support of the Lilly Endowment and all those who are friends of the College.  As someone who has an appreciation for the numbers but also a passion for the world of communication and marketing, I have found a great home in Tx:Team.

Bryant ’16, at right, with Sheridan ’12

The title of the position is Finance and Clinical Operations intern, but the role has truly given me limitless bounds in which I can ask questions, observe, and contribute to the company in meaningful ways.  To provide some background, Tx:Team (which celebrated its 30th anniversary the Friday before I started) provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy across the continuum of healthcare.  Here in Indiana as well as in Maryland, South Carolina, and Mississippi, there are dedicated Tx:Team clinicians providing therapy services in many settings including short- and long-term acute care hospitals, outpatient clinics, and assisted living facilities.  The entire staff has been so gracious in bringing me into the fold.  Under the leadership of President Carroll Nelligan and some great Little Giants (and economics majors) in Senior Vice President Scott Benedict ’98 and Spencer Sheridan ’12, I’ve found some great resources to lean on and learn from.

Over these weeks I’ve grown tremendously in my understanding of Excel.  What I had once used simply as a way to make lists and data tables, I now see as a tool.   Excel allows us at the home office to measure the pulse of the business through formulas and formatting options that can store, process, and present data.

I have also had a great opportunity to contribute as I work on some marketing endeavors both through social media and Tx:Team’s website.  By developing a social media calendar and by reviewing the organization’s current website, I have been working to develop a marketing plan that will reach out to current employees, prospective employees, and prospective partners alike.  Tx:Team’s message, its philosophy, and its values are clear.  In harnessing those through social media we can sharpen that message across settings, across disciplines of care, and geographically across the nation.

As I write this, I am working on yet another tool in Excel which is meant to help clinicians at two different assisted living facilities in South Carolina.  The tool is meant to flag patients who are receiving treatment across multiple disciplines of physical, occupational, or speech therapy.  For those patients who receive cross-discipline treatment on the same day, we see a deduction in reimbursement.  This tool is meant to highlight these overlaps in a patient’s schedule and provide some alternative scheduling arrangements which will give us the optimal reimbursement.

I have some good news to report that Carroll and Scott were kind enough to offer me a position with Tx:Team that will extend my time here until mid-August.  I consider it a great compliment and I owe a great deal of thanks to them.  I look forward to what the next six weeks have in store.

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