A Crash Course in Entrepreneurship

Ross Hendrickson ’14 – Heading into my sixth week of interning for Archon Apps under founder and president Tony Unfried ‘03, it is hard for me to recall everything I have experienced so far this summer.  Being thrust into the life and schedule of an entrepreneur like Tony has been a learn as you go and think on your feet experience like no job or internship I have ever been exposed to before.

We have worked on projects from transforming a 1980’s charter bus into a high-tech mobile clinic designed to treat dehydration and fatigue (CLICK HERE to see more), to working with mobile app developers to clean up the appearance of Archon’s iPad apps.  Tony and I have been learning new sales techniques from sales professionals and worked with marketing consultants in Indianapolis to promote new app releases.  Even within the app market, I have been exposed to diversified markets, from security applications to schools and education apps.

I was fortunate enough to come onboard at Archon when the culmination of many of Tony’s projects were preparing to take off.  The Recovery Bus made its debut appearance at the Indy 500 this past month and received a lot of press in the Indianapolis area prior to the event, appearing on WISH-TV and multiple Indy Star articles.  One of Archon’s main applications, Cirrus Security (CLICK HERE for more info), recently received an overhaul and I have been working to market, set up demos, and sell to it prospective clients.

One of the most important lessons I have learned from working on projects with Tony this summer has been that you must be committed if you want your business to succeed.  Running your own business is hard work and requires persistence, organization, and the focus necessary to get things done.  Being your own boss means that no one can tell you what to do, but it also means that no ones tells you what to do.  You have to go out and make business happen for yourself because it certainly isn’t going to fall into your lap.  Having a great idea or great product only scratches the surface of what it means to be an entrepreneur and run your own business.

I want to thank the Lilly Endowment and Wabash alumni, friends, and family who have donated to the Business Leaders Program because without your generosity this experience would not have been possible.  I have been exposed to many things and learned so much this summer about what it means to be an entrepreneur and none of it would have been possible without your support.  Thank you.


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