Powers Joined Career Services Late, but Still Busy

Billy Powers ’12 – The summer flies by pretty quickly when you are staying busy. After spending the first half of my break backpacking through Europe with my brother and a friend, I jumped off the plane and 12 hours later was back on campus. This summer I was given a great opportunity by Scott Crawford and the Schroeder Center for Career Development to intern with them for the second half of summer. Thus far the experience has been awesome, as I have gotten to work with my peers and numerous alumni.

Initially, I was somewhat thrown in the mix of things as the two other interns Mark Osnowitz ’12 and Nathaniel Borden ’13 had already been working together for over a month. Luckily each of them was extremely helpful and filled me in on everything they had been doing and what was coming up. Since, the transition has been very smooth and combined we all make a great team.

Our primary responsibilities this summer have been: organizing the Community Fair, conducting alumni interviews, and preparing for the upcoming school year as well as freshman orientation. The variety of these jobs has surely given me great experience in many different areas. My favorite part of the internship has undoubtedly been conducting the interviews. Unfortunately, I missed the Colorado trip earlier this summer in which many of these were recorded. As a result my boss Scott gave me the opportunity to take a trip to Indianapolis for a day to interview a group of alumni that had graduated in the past five years. It was my responsibility to find individuals in an assortment of professions and plan the logistics as well.  At the end of the day Nathaniel, James (our new Assistant Director), and myself had conducted nine interviews. Although the intended audience is incoming students and underclassman, I greatly benefited from many of the stories and bits of career advice the alums had to give.

The last few weeks of the summer will be full of video editing the interviews, prepping for freshman orientation, and putting the final touches on the Community Fair. Also with the help of my three bosses over here, I have begun to prepare myself for senior year and the inevitable job search that will ensue. I am excited and grateful for the tools I have at Career Services, and I look forward to my final year here at Wabash.

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