Wilson ’13: It’s Go Time

Garrett Wilson ’13 – During our business internship, Roger Busch, coach of the cross-country team, asked us to determine whether a charitable race to benefit a local charity and help combat child obesity would be feasible in Montgomery County. Thus, began our consulting project.

After brainstorming amongst our group and expert leader Roland Morin, we realized partnering with the local Boys & Girls Club will complete our child obesity facet of our project. Additionally, if we can join with the established annual Montgomery Taste, our race would be successful. Now, all of our work came down to this. We spent the last week finishing market research, calling other race directors and compiling our information. Now, we had to present to the prime decision makers for our race consulting project. We met early Friday morning with Roger Busch, Dale Peatery—director of the Montgomery Taste — and members of the Boys & Girls Club to hear our pitch.

Three other presenters and myself were selected by the group to deliver our consulting project. Jared Valentine, Cory Kopitzke, Reed Hepburn and I practiced for hours the day before in front of our Business Immersion comrades, amidst hunger and boredom from continuous repetition, until perfection. Although we were a little unhappy at the time with Roland’s dedication to precision, I am happy we had a mock practice with an active audience asking questions; it really prepared us for the real deal.

Finally, it was go time. We presented our material and awaited the group’s opinion, and they seem impressed with the idea. While some issues arose concerning event sponsorship and our suggested route for the race, the decision makers believed by the end of our presentation that our race could actually materialize.

Our entire group was enthused by their reactions and we all hoped to see our work benefit the local community. Moreover, I appreciated the real experience that I could market to future employers. Being able to state to an employer that I implemented a local community race, with a small team of students, that raised thousands of dollars each year, is an occurrence not everyone can state. The consulting project gave me an appreciation for our Business Immersion Program and what if can offer undergraduate students.

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