Working Inside the Admissions Process

Nick Marzotto ‘11 - When Wabash students head home or off to internships for the summer, many believe that the campus slows down to a crawl with professors and others researching or vacationing. On the contrary, a few offices are still in full gear, one in particular is the Admissions Office.

This summer I wanted to observe and participate in the inner workings of the admissions process at Wabash. During the school year, I worked as a recruitment assistant and office aid so I had some sense of the process. I found out in the first week that the Admissions Office can easily be considered a business that is selling a very marketable item, a great college education/experience.

Admission counselors keep everything moving, throughout the summer, with new projects/ideas that they hope will bring in more applicants and a new class of Wabash men. I have been lucky enough to work with most of the admission counselors on many of their projects. These projects range from the fields of marketing and networking. I have traveled to a college fair with Marc Welch and represented Wabash to prospective students as well as networking with alumni in order to seek recommendations of potential students.

My co-worker, Andre Adeyemi ‘12, and I have also worked with Chip Timmons and Kim King in some marketing for the Admissions Office. We have revised out of date literature and created a brochure for prospective Chicago students so those who might not be able to make the trip to Crawfordsville will know what travel opportunities are available to them.

The opportunity to work with those who represent Wabash and recruit for the College has been a real eye-opener. From the administrative assistants to the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, the long hours and hard work of the Admissions Office produces a new class of Wallies every year, each having its own swagger to it. My involvement in the creation of the class of 2013 has been a great experience.

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  1. G. McCarthy says:

    A fantastic ambassador for the school, Nick does a great job exemplifying all that is a Wabash Man.