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Finishing up in New Orelans

Paul Hudak '13 - Last day down here in New Orleans was amazing. Garrett and I went to this other site for the second day to work on ceramic shower walls. This process took a long time. There had to be at least fifty different ceramic tiles that had to be cut for just one bathroom. Once all the tiles were cut the rest of the walls were put up pretty quickly. At the end of the day you could not tell where our hands ended and the adhesive began. It looked like a two-year old kid finger painting. Unfortunately, we did not finish the bathrooms, there still needs to be a wall put up in one room and another row in the other. 

When we got back to the other site it looked like a different house. All the trusts were put up when we got back all they were about ready to head back to our place of residence. On the way back we hit the more traffic today than the rest of the week. But today is the last day we will get stuck in New Orleans traffic. 
Later on in the night the French Quarter will be the last place we will visit down here in New Orleans.