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Timothy Closson

We are on the way back to Indiana and I just thought I'd share a quick overview and impression with everyone. We spent a week in Scotland visiting Edinburgh for 2 days to start and finished there, and going to Aberdeen and Stonehaven for the other 3 days. We met people involved with theaters, the writer of the play “The Rout”, Bob Adams, the Center Stage Acting Company of Aberdeen University, and, Alan Spence, writer in residence at Aberdeen University. While in Edinburgh Travis, Nick, and I stayed late after many of us enjoyed “The Rout” and visited with the cast and playwright over a cup of coffee. There were also a few evenings that many of us spent experiencing the city of Aberdeen with members of Center Stage.

During the days we visited castles, met with playwrights, and learned about the literary history of the areas we visited. Aside from a few group events, the evenings were mostly free time to further our experiences and explore the cities. We all had a great time, met a wide range of personalities, and have a greater appreciation of Scottish heritage.


Travis McLaughlin

Today marks the end of our trip to Scotland, involving an early morning, getting up at 6am local time, to get on a plane for the states. Fortunately, everybody made it out of bed and through security, and the food on the way over was halfway decent this time. Our last night in Edinburgh was fairly uneventful, as most people opted for an early bed, though the hostel was throwing a charity party downstairs so there were a large number of interesting people coming and going.

Overall, I think this trip has been both a lot of fun and very educational. Personally, I was happy with the number of connections we made and conversations we had. We are improving international relations one step at a time, hopefully. Of particular interest, some of us were able to have an extended conversation with one of the actresses in the play we saw in Edinburgh, and it turns out she has won an award for her production of a short film. The term used was a BAFTA if I remember correctly, though I’ll admit I’ve forgotten what the acronym stands for, it was explained to us as the equivalent of one of our Oscars.

The Scottish countryside was beautiful, the fellowship was good, particularly with the Center Stage group from the University of Aberdeen, and I think most of us came away with some good writing and some even better story ideas. We even kicked around the idea of crafting a musical set in an airport, though I don’t think that will go anywhere.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to experience so much of the Scottish culture, and eagerly awaiting my next trip over there, which luckily for me will be with the Glee Club later this month. Scotland go bragh!