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i lied...again


                I know I’ve said “this is the last entry” twice already, but this time I mean it (can you blame me? This blogging thing is catchy). I am currently at the airport waiting for my flight to take off and im not as excited to go home as I thought I would be…I think it’s because that I’m truly going to miss Wabash. Like I said earlier I’m going to miss the seniors a lot as well, they really did a lot for me. Saying goodbye is crappy when you don’t know when you’re going to see that person again.
                I had to say goodbye today and it’s safe to say that I suck at them. There just isn’t any really good way of going about them. I mean in reality today was probably the last time I will see some of those faces. It’s one of the most sobering doses of reality you can have. Now for all the Californians who read this, it’s not that I don’t want to go home; it’s that Wabash has become my home away from home this past year. After all I was only home for 16 days this year, the rest of the time I was at Wabash. Spending that much time in one place makes things grow on you.  The weather didn’t seem so bad, I saw a lot of birds, and above all I found my place in a little town called Crawfordsville.
                This summer will be fun; it will have its ups and downs just like any. And in the fall I will return to the brick buildings and white columns of Wabash. This past semester I wrote a short story about how not to blog (let’s be honest I gave you guys plenty of examples) but the link below is an example of how to blog.
Well I’m “going going back back to cali cali” so until next time…
Stay classy.