Barnes ’15: Immersion Best Part of Trip

Adam Barnes ’15 – Where has the time gone?  With just a little over a week left in Spain, I feel like I’m about to leave before I even arrived.  However, I can say that I’ve had some memorable times here and I am sure I will make some new ones over the next several days.

Most of my days in Valencia include chatting with my family, soaking up some rays on the beach with friends, or testing out the Spanish nightlife.  Yet, what I have enjoyed the most thus far is my ability to immerse myself into a different aspect of Spanish culture that I never knew existed…sailing.  Last weekend, I participated in a regatta with my Spanish brother and a few of his friends.  Not knowing anything about sailing before last week and even though I was quite apprehensive concerning my abilities on a boat, I quickly accepted his offer to compete.

Sailing is a beast of its own.  Although I feel comfortable in the pool, my body isn’t adjusted to balance myself as a sailboat rocks back-and-forth.  Most surprisingly, when navigating the boat at times the boat appears as if it will capsize, and fling all of the crew overboard.  The shock and newfound respect I have for sailing, made it all the sweeter when we won the regatta.  I guess the first time is the charm.

The next day, I went to the Valencia port to watch some behemoth sailboats disembark from Valencia in a multi-day race encompassing passages through the Mediterranean and Atlantic called “La Route des Princes.”  To experience this aspect of a distinct Spanish/European culture is fantastic and I hope to enjoy more experiences like it.

For my last weekend in Spain, I’m travelling to Barcelona where I hope to come back with some great memories as well.  Until then, I’m just living moment to moment.

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