Concannon ’11 Absorbing Turkey’s History

Patrick Concannon ’11 – Well since my last blog I have been to Turkey and back. While I was in Turkey our class went to see Ephesus which is one of the many places Paul preached and is considered his base of operations. It was great to see what people lived like during the first century. We were able to see Roman baths and sewer system. As well as Roman housing where the wealthy would have lived. These houses over looked the sea and just like in today’s world it was all about location.

 Some of you may be thinking that modern day Ephesus does not have an ocean front and you are correct. The ocean has receded about a half mile in the last 1500 years. That was the main reason why Ephesus was abandoned and why we can see it for what it looked like over 2000 years ago. After we left Turkey we went straight to Kalampaka which is where the famous monasteries of Meteora are located. It was astounding to see how monks in the 11th century built monasteries on top of mountains so they would not be bothered. The sights were beautiful and breathe taking. Not to mention a tough climb on a hot day, but as I said it was worth it to see these amazing buildings that seem to float on the mountain tops.

After a rough day of climbing around the mountains of Meteora we left to Thessaloniki where Paul wrote his letter to the Thessalonians. We are planning on spending about three days here and then heading back to Athens. So far this has been an eye opening experience. Our professor knows both Greek and Hebrew so we are learning what the ancient bible said and not what scholars interpreted. The difference is not huge but with so many different bibles out there today its nice to see what was really said.

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  1. Erin Keene says:

    You’re really cute. I like this picture of you. I’m glad I read this, because you don’t explain it like this to me…since you’re doing this part for school. hah. I’m really proud of you for going and doing this, even though I miss you like crazy. This is a great experience for you.
    Erin :)