Concannon ’11 Begins Summer Experience in Greece

Patrick Concannon ’11 – Greece is amazing. I have only been here a week and I am loving it. The people are nice and kind to all of the students. The news made it seem like an unsafe place but it is probably safer than most American cities, well as long as you don’t get in the way of traffic. The food is amazing and I think I was Greek in another life because I eat just like them. They like to dip their food in all sorts of delicious dishes, they love to mix and match for the perfect combination of flavor. They also like to eat with their hands and take food very seriously just as I do. 

Besides the food I am having a great time seeing the local sites of Athens. Just the other day I got to see the place where democracy was born which, needless to say, was amazing. The Agora or market place is where it happened and is still there for us to see today. It is not used however, because it is a archeological site but we were able to walk through it and experience and stand on the area where democracy was born. To be able to experience history in the place where it happened is a priceless experience I will not soon forget and I cannot wait to see more and experience everything this class has to offer.  After one week I already know my way around modern day Athens and I cannot wait to learn my way around ancient Athens.

This week we are going to Turkey to start our journey through the steps of the apostle Paul. This is what I have been waiting for and I am very excited to see the places where Paul went and learn more about him. Again I would like to say this is a priceless experience and I cannot thank the Wabash, my parents, and Rudolph family enough for making this possible.
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One Response to Concannon ’11 Begins Summer Experience in Greece

  1. Laura B. Rudolph says:

    We are so pleased that your trip is going well. It is amazing to be in places that hold so much history. Enjoy it all. We will be anxious to hear a first hand report back on campus this fall.