Going Out with a Bang

Grant Gussman ´09 – The realization is setting in. I´m going to be in the United States again one week from today, maybe never to return. I have 6 days left in Spain, and it seems impossible that I´ve been here 9 weeks. I remember seeing a movie once where a boy found a dog and brought it home, and his parents told him they would only keep it until they could find its owners and not to get attached. But of course the boy got attached to the dog, and the rest of the plot writes itself. That´s how I feel about Spain. I knew I would only be here for a limited time, but part of me feels like I actually live here, as if this has been somehow more than a visit. 

In the midst of these thoughts, I am happy to say that I will be finishing my stay in España on a high note. Brent Graham (my co-blogger) and I will be meeting in Salamanca this Thursday, staying a night here, and then touring Madrid together this weekend. I suppose we´ll have to flip a coin to see who gets to blog about the trip… Or maybe we´ll co-write something? At any rate, I´m really looking forward to seeing the capital, and it´ll be more fun with a travelling partner. 

But until this weekend comes, I thought it might be better to use a few pictures to show everyone who reads this exactly what I´m going to miss…

In the summer, it nearly never rains, and it´s rarely overcast. Every single day is blue-skied, sunny, and warm. Everywhere you walk around here, it´s nothing but castle-like buildings.

Salamanca is ancient, and its Roman heritage is evident in countless examples of architecture. This is the wall that borders the southern part of the city, a defense mechanism from centuries ago. Below it is the crest of Salamanca, made out of flowers.

When I need to use a computer in Crawfordsville, I bury myself in the dungeon we call the armory. This picture was taken from window of the internet cafe I frequent, overlooking the Plaza Mayor. Even after 2 months in Spain, it´s hard not to think the Plaza looks amazing when the lights come on every night and the entire square fills with people.

Hopefully these pictures have helped show exactly what I mean when I say I´ll miss this place. This has been an amazing experience. I know it´s almost time to give Spain back to its owners, but I´m going to spend every minute of this last week enjoying what time I have left. I love America, but there´s something special about living in another country for this long, and I don´t intend to waste any of my remaining time. 

Hasta luego

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One Response to Going Out with a Bang

  1. Laura B. Rudolph says:

    I am so pleased that both of you have had such a wonderful experience this summer. It is why we created this scholarship.
    Laura B. Rudolph
    Kenneth’s Mom