Preparing to go

Brent Graham ’09 – I have counted down the days and weeks until my first trip out of the United States. As I post this entry the count stands at 50 hrs and 30 minutes, accounting for time difference, until my arrival in Granada. As always I have underestimated the amount of time it would take me toget ready for the trip and tie up my loose ends here.

I spent all of yesterday shopping for the last minute items that I had forgotten such as a battery charger, a power converter, a belt to wear my passport in and a new camera to document this trip. I even had to search my room for socks to take. I have never been a fan of wearing shoes and as such had no idea if I had enough socks to get me through the trip or where they were in my room. Those of you who have been reading Grant’s blog know that shoes are a must since naked feet are culturally rude. I also had to get long pants (shorts are for tourists). I now begin the long and arduous task of packing and I hope I don’t forget anything. I have cut down to the bare essentials but probably still have more than I need.

My route takes me from Cleveland to Newark. From there I board a transatlantic flight toLondon. Once in London I must travel from Gatwick Airport to Stansted Airport. I believe that the fastest and cheapest way to do so will be the trains and the underground. Though I do not have a map of how to get from one to the other I have a set of written directions and have no problem asking for help if I need it. Once arriving at Stansted I will board flight to Granada. The whole trip will take approximately 23 hours to complete. The thought of traveling alone in Europe is a little daunting but a challenge I am ready to face. I look forward to writing you from Spain.

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  1. Carolyn Kreighbaum says:

    Have a great summer, Brent. We are looking forward to reading your blogs.