Newness: Captivate the Masters With Street Poetry

The first time I saw a lavender field, the first thing that I wanted to do was walk through it, experience it. This may sound like a dream for many, but once I realized how many huge bees swarmed each small stem of lavender, I settled for a picture directly next to the field. You’d understand if you were here. I promise. This week, we took trips to St. Remy and to Les Baux de Provence. In St. Remy, we visited the small city where Vincent Van Gogh created many of his most beautiful masterpieces (Starry Night). Surprisingly, this beautiful building was a mental hospital that Van Gogh has lived at for some time. It was from the windows of his room in this mental hospital, that Van Gogh would paint.The city was surrounded by fields of olive trees, grape vines crawling from window to window, and soft light that reflected off of the small rivers that ran down the middle of each sidewalk. I’ve heard that this is medieval tradition. Les Baux de Provence, is a beautifully restored castle that rests atop very high boulders and rocks. This site was first inhabited by the Celts in 6000 B.C. and during the Middle Ages, it was ruled by the Lords of Baux who controlled much of Provence until the 15th century.   Each year, the entire French nation celebrates Bastille Day, the end of the ancien regime in France at end of the 18th century. This was an absolutely crazy day. In Arles, there were concerts throughout the squares of the city that hosted artists from Trinidad and Brazil, Flamenco dancers, and musicians from Greece, Italy, and Algeria. My friends and I had a great time. We prepared a four course dinner (French style) and moved from concert to concert after the beautiful display of fireworks over the Rhone river. Tomorrow my very first Corrida!  Until next time!




Ryan Forbes Morris ’08

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2 Responses to Newness: Captivate the Masters With Street Poetry

  1. Fred Forbes says:

    Ryan, I am enjoying the journey. You are our witness to another’s history and the many contridictions it manifests. Keep on exploring and expanding.
    Uncle Fred

  2. "Auntie" Anna says:

    WOW !!! Ryan, you give glimpses of the country that makes a trip there not as necessary as I thought…But then if I do get to go, I shall have your words to “see thru”. You give new meaning to the GE ad about bringing “good things to life” (that one may have been before your time ( : )