Monthly Archives: July 2007

Newness: Captivate the Masters With Street Poetry

The first time I saw a lavender field, the first thing that I wanted to do was walk through it, experience it. This may sound like a dream for many, but once I realized how many huge bees swarmed each … Continue reading

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West Coast Recycler: Gravity Moves Revolutionary Corridors

Walking near the arenas of Arles, one would find the fountain of history, emerging planets and experiences of varying degrees, and the perfect mixture of antiquity and memory. This month has been filled with photography exhibitions, musicians, concerts, and festivals. The … Continue reading

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The (Origin)al Anthropological Mixtape: Subzero Degrees & Interplanetary Invasion

Sometimes when I walk on the mahogany mediterranean tiles of my house, I can feel the heat of the warm oven across my feet. It’s amazing to think about the many memories, French delicacies, aromas, conversations, and journeys that have … Continue reading

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For Corners: Feng Shui Catastrophe and Laid Back Linear Walks By Design

When you drive on the small country roads in the outskirts of Arles, you can begin to sense the invigorating aroma of lavender and sunflowers in the air running through your fingers and across your face. This weekend, I was … Continue reading

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