Fresh Spaces: Like A Thelonious Monk I Travel in Peace

Looking through the window of a moving bus is like shifting through infinite mind states. As we rode the bus towards Avignon, blessed again with the delicious warmth of summer and silhouettes of sunlight, I immediately encountered the beautiful white horses that are native to Arles and the gigantic fields of sunflowers and bountiful vines.

As we arrived, I immediately noticed the towering Palais des Papes (The Pope’s Palace), a huge gothic palace in the middle of the city, and the Pont d’Avignon, a beautiful bridge that stretches far out in the Rhone. Similar to Arles, this city is filled with narrow avenues, small romantic cafes. The walls of Avignon are towering, and the sound of opera reverberates against the city walls and its shadows. As you walk up the huge stairs of the city, you arrive at a small park, that overlooks the Rhone and offers a stunning view of Avignon’s skyline.Within the palace, the gothic architecture was very evident. The middle of the palace was full of old artifacts, keys, and skulls that had been pierced by gigantic crossbow arrows. Unfortunately, cameras were prohibited inside of the palace. Inside of the Palace, many of the walls were filled with tiles, and mosaics and beautiful medieval manuscripts. If you ever get a chance come visit Avignon. This is a short blog, there will be more. This weekend, the Arles music and photography festival begins. Here are some more photos!  


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6 Responses to Fresh Spaces: Like A Thelonious Monk I Travel in Peace

  1. Steve Charles says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your entries. You’re taking us along for the ride, letting us see, hear, even taste what you’re experiencing. And your reflections on those moments (and your wonderful style of writing) let us learn with you.
    Thanks for taking the time to take us along. I’m looking forward to the music and photography festival!
    Steve Charles
    Editor, Wabash Magazine

  2. Alecia Brady says:

    Having never been out of the country, I have really enjoyed going along with you on your summer experience. Thank you for keeping me intrigued. Wish I was there!

  3. Steve Miller says:

    Beautifully written as always. I have loved reading your entries and watching you make new and exciting realizations. Thank you for your insightful and critical thought.
    Steve Miller
    Class of 2008

  4. Laura B. Rudolph says:

    I am so pleased that you are having such a wonderful time and enjoying so many new and varied experiences. This is just what we set out to accomplish by creating this scholarship fund. I was directed to your blog by David Clapp and Marilyn Smith from Wabash and will continue to follow your adventures.

  5. Ur big bro says:

    only u would turn ur blog into a mixtape…lol..hope ur havin fun..all is well out here just makin money…its just sooooo hot….goin to sd tommrow for the 4th have fun ….

  6. "Auntie" Anna says:

    Um, um, um, um good!!!!!!!
    What a ride you’re taking us on…